International Condom Day 2019: Can Condoms Cause Erectile Dysfunction? Myths About the Contraceptive Busted!
International Condom Day 2019. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Everyone knows what love makes one act like a fool! So some wise soul decided to place International Condom Day on February 13, right before Valentine’s Day on February 14, to highlight the importance of condom use. Coincidence? We think not. The day was started in 2009 as an informal holiday by AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), a global not-for-profit organisation, to promote safe sex. Condoms are the most popular methods of contraception globally. However, their popularity doesn’t always translate into efficiency, mainly due to the misconceptions about condoms. Here are X myths about condoms you should stop believing in. International Condom Day 2019: Hilarious Condom Memes That Will Make Your Valentine Week Bearable.

‘Condoms Can Prevent Pregnancy 100%.’

The sitcom Friends has done more to bust this myth more than anything else. Case in point, Rachael Green’s pregnancy. Even after using condoms, she got pregnant after her sexual encounter with her ex, Ross Geller. The important takeaway from the episode was that condoms are only 98 percent effective in preventing pregnancies, which means there’s a slim chance that a woman may get pregnant in a year if her partner doesn’t wear condoms.

Two Condoms are Better Than One

Wearing two condoms doesn't improve the efficiency of the contraceptive method. In fact, it only causes inconvenience as the surface of the condom underneath is slippery and that causes the one above to slide out and interrupt your experience.

Condoms Can Cause ED

Many people believe that condoms can cause erectile dysfunction or hamper the penis erection in men. Condoms cannot cause Erectile Dysfunction, and if at all you lose your erection due while wearing condoms, it could be due to anxiety but not condoms directly.

Females Cannot Wear Condoms

Contrary to the popular notion, women can wear condoms. In fact, condoms for women are available in the market that you can use. Female condoms can be used to prevent pregnancies and protect you from STIs and STDs

Condoms Hinder Your Blow Job Experience

They don't. It is just in your head and in fact condoms protect you from unwanted infections and allergies you can develop via blow job and the same for the person giving you the blow job.

Condoms- as small as they look, have a significant role to play in society. Right from population control to prevent you from STIs and STDs, condoms are, and no one should be ashamed of talking about contraception.