Itchy Anus: 7 Reasons Why Your Buttock Is So Red and Irritated Right Now!
Itchy butt (Photo credits: Needpix)

Irrespective of where they are in your body, rashes can be really irritating. But getting a rash on your buttocks can take the misery to a whole new level. A butt rash can not only cause a lot of inconvenience (you can’t get your hands inside your pants every time) but it can also be very concerning. That little bump on your butt may be more than just a pimple and the red rash on your buttock could actually signal a sexually transmitted disease. Do not stress. Here’s everything to know about the rashes on your rear and ways to treat them.

1. You Have a Herpes Outbreak

You got herpes if the rash is a cluster of burning or painful red bumps and blisters. Herpes can crop on your buttocks apart from your mouth and genitals. When the virus flares up because of the compromised immune system, it can come to the surface of your skin causing a rash. While the rash usually goes away on its own, it can spread through direct contact, so avoid getting cosy with your partner in the bed.

2. You Have a Fungal Infection

If you have ever picked up ringworm from your gym's locker room, you know how this rash looks - a red circle with a white scaly ring around it. The fungus thrives in hot, humid environments, so working out in summer ups your risk. To keep the rash from spreading, you can treat it with an athlete's foot cream.

3. You Have Folliculitis

The pimple-like bumps can be easy to confuse with butt acne, but the bumps are actually infections of the hair follicles. While the mild cases can be treated with an antibacterial soap, the recurring ones need an acne treatment with benzoyl peroxide. Also, ensure that you keep your skin dry to prevent further outbreaks. Yoga for a Sexy Butt: The Only Asanas You Need For a Firm, Toned Thighs and Glutes

4. It Is Probably Psoriasis

Psoriasis shows up as red plaques covered in white scales, and are located inside your butt crack. This chronic condition hits your body's immune system and you can treat it with one percent hydrocortisone cream. If it's not going away, make sure that you see your doctor for some prescription medications. 6 Parts of Your Body You Should Never Touch With Your Hands

5. It Is an Eczema Infection

It could be eczema if the rash is patchy and itchy with tiny bumps. This inflammatory skin condition causes your skin to dry out and crack. If you can notice microscopic cracks on the outer layer of your skin, treat it with moisturisers and anti-inflammatory creams. A lot of things like irritating fabrics, wet wipes, toilet paper and detergents can be responsible for the infection.

6. You Have Haemorrhoids

If the rash is super itchy and is on your anus, you could be suffering from haemorrhoids. Haemorrhoids are swollen and dilated blood vessels around your anus which can occur due to straining while bowel movements. While they are supper common, they can be treated with haemorrhoid ointments or OTC witch hazel pads. Sex Query of the Week: My Penis Tip Itches, Is It a Sign of STD? What are The Causes?

7. You Have an Allergic Reaction

Unlike a heat rash, the rashes on your butt can be sparked by allergic reactions. Rashes caused by allergic reactions are often swollen, pink and can even be watery. Your doctor can provide you with the proper treatment or medication to treat the rashes.

If you notice a beefy, red-colour rash with pus-filled bumps, it could just be a candida infection caused by poor hygiene and friction. Whatever may be the cause or however may the rash appear, always make sure that you check with your doctor to rule out any possible complication.