Kaleji Palak Health Benefits: From High Quality Protein to Increase in Haemoglobin Level, 5 Reasons To Have Mutton Liver With Spinach in Your Diet
Palak Kaleji (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Healthy food does not necessarily mean eating bitter stuff. The main funda for fitness is to eat foods in a clean way with proper ingredients. Nowadays most people are inclined towards junk foods like pizzas, burgers, pastries, cold drinks and moved away from nutrient-dense food. Having said that, let us speak about Kaleji Palak dish, which is mutton liver cooked in spinach. The mutton liver is called kaleji in Hindi, while spinach as palak. We will give you five reasons to eat Kaleji Palak, which include getting high-quality protein to increase in haemoglobin level. Palak Paneer for Good Health? 5 Reasons Why Should Eat This Delicious Indian Dish for Weight Loss and Better Digestion.

People who suffer from anaemia have to include food rich in iron and guess what mutton liver and spinach are packed with this essential micronutrient. However, nutrients from Kaleji Palak would be fully absorbed if lemon is squeezed on top of it. As iron is absorbed well if an adequate amount of vitamin C is included with it and lemon is a storehouse of this nutrient.  Now let us have some of the health benefits of Kaleji Palak. Punjab Has Most Kids With Iron Deficiency As Per CNNS Report; Here's What Children Should Eat to Avoid Anaemia.

Health Benefits of Kaleji Palak

1. Source of High-Quality Protein - Both spinach and mutton liver are high in proteins. Especially, liver which comes along with all essential amino acids.

2. Aid in Weight Loss - As Kaleji Palak is high in protein, it helps to curb hunger and also boost metabolic rate.

3. Good for skin - The presence of copper in mutton liver helps in the production of collagen which are connective tissue responsible for skin and hair growth.

4. Increase in Haemoglobin Level - Mutton liver contains heme form of iron that is easily absorbed, which thereby becomes an essential food for people suffering from anaemia.

5. Keeps Your Energetic - Both liver and spinach are high in Vitamin B12 which helps food to convert into energy.

Watch Video of Kaleji Palak Recipe

In the end, it must be noted that mutton liver is also bit high on calorie, therefore, it should be eaten in moderation. Mutton liver recipes like palak kaleji or kaleji masala can be included in your meal, twice in a week for ideal health benefits.