Mary Kom Loses 2Kgs in 4 Hours By Jumping Rope! Here Are 5 Other Health Benefits of Skipping
Mary Kom Lose 2Kgs in 4 Hours By Jumping Rope! Here Are X Other Health Benefits of Skipping.| MC Mary Kom (Photo Credits: PTI)

Mary Kom just did something that might shock everyone. She recently visited Poland for a boxing tournament that she ended up winning and brought home her third gold of the year. After she reached there she lost 2kgs of weight in just 4 Hours. In an interview with PTI, she explained the whole experience and said, 'We landed in Poland at around 3-3:30 in the morning and the general weigh-in was at around 7:30 am. I was a couple of kilograms above 48kg, the category I compete in, at that point," the five-time world champion, who is also an Olympic bronze-medallist.' She went on to say, 'So, I had roughly four hours to shed that or I would have been disqualified for being over-weight at the time of general weigh-in. But I did skipping for an hour at a stretch and just like that, I was ready," Weight Loss Home Remedies- Include These Spices In Your Diet To Melt Away Those Extra Kilos

Skipping helped her lose 2kgs merely in 4 hours. Skipping is a favourite of almost all fitness enthusiasts. And why not? Skipping is associated with umpteen health benefits. Skipping aka jump rope is an amazing exercise for your overall body. Some people also use the jump rope along with background music. A study believes that 'Among the aerobic exercises used to treat obesity, the most economical and widely used exercise is jump rope. Jump rope is a personal exercise that can regulate exercise load and increase physical activity according to a person’s physical strength6). Music jump rope, which is a special type of jump rope, is a group exercise that is performed with background music. Music jump rope is a coordinated exercise that requires the movements of the hands and feet to be matched to the beat of the music, and this type of exercise enhances body control, such as agility, endurance, quickness, and flexibility' 12 Harmless Habits That Are Making You Fat!

Here are a few health benefits of skipping.

Improves Heart Rate. Skipping is said to have its effects on the heart rate and overall cardiovascular health. While improving blood circulation it is also a great cardio exercise to keep your heart health. It also helps keep breathing issues at bay.

Tones Muscles. It doesn't only improve flexibility but also helps tone your muscle. It's one of the best cardio forms that also improves the blood circulation all over the body.

Weight Loss. Needless to say it also helps you burn fat as it is an intense form of workout. Mary Kom is probably the best example right here. Weight Loss Diet: 10 Sweets That Will Help You Lose Weight Guilt Free!

Helps Improve the Skin. It helps your body perspiration and improves the blood circulation and that in turn keeps your skin glowing. This intense workout helps open the pores of your skin.

Improves Bone Density. This is an exercise for your bone as well. It helps improve the density of your bone and keep health issues like Osteoporosis at bay.

Maintains Balance and Coordination. Skipping involves a lot of body coordination. It makes you more light-footed and your improves the balancing skills of your body as well.

If you have been meaning to lose weight for a long time, give skipping a shot. You'll surely see a difference. Obesity only brings more health issues and the sooner it is addressed the better it is.