There is a universal stigma attached to the innate act of masturbation that is still prevalent to this day. We bet the title of this article alone made some of you scroll quickly down lest they corrupt your "pure" mind. And some of you are hiding deep inside the covers perusing this debunking piece with avid interest albeit with a tad bit of shame. Society has predisposed and conditioned its citizens to view masturbation through a lens of ignominy. So it was only natural that the stigma, the shame and the lack of transparency attached to this stimulating act, would lead to the genesis of copious misconceptions and myths that range from hilarious to ridonkulous. In this article, we'll try to debunk a few of the most common myths attached to masturbation.

  • Masturbation Leads to Infertility in Women

Historically, men were extremely concerned about this misconception floating around the universe that masturbation somehow lep to the depletion of sperm count. This is not true until masturbation is indulged in excess. So you are gainfully employed in the masturbation-sphere, you have nothing to worry about since sperms regenerate after 12 to 24 hours after a previous ejaculation. Now Woman folk listen up, Masturbation does not cause infertility. Masturbation is a pleasurable act that only releases dopamine, endorphins and all the happy hormones that uplift your mood. It does not in any way diminish your odds of getting pregnant.

  • Masturbation Leads to Blindness

This particular masturbation myth was probably concocted by religious parents to prevent their kids from bogarting the rights to the bathroom. This myth while most common does not have an iota of truth to it. On the contrary, it's quite beneficial for your physical and mental well-being. From Date to Significance, Know Everything About The Day That Intends to Protect and Celebrate The Right to Masturbate

  • Masturbation Causes Acne

Acne is caused to hormonal imbalance and has nothing to do with Masturbation. Masturbation does not cause breakouts. It is widely believed that they in fact lead to healthier glowing skin.

  • Masturbation Causes Pregnancy

This misconception is common among folks who probably were asleep or playing hooky during their biology class. No kids, you cannot get pregnant through masturbation. For someone to get pregnant, sperm needs to fertilize a female egg. This can only happen through penetration or at an IVF clinic.

  • Maturbation Causes STD's

STD's are spread through direct skin to skin contact, blood transfers, exchange of sexual fluids. Masturbation is a solitary act. So no, Masturbation does not lead to sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Masturbation Is perceived as Cheating When In a Committed relationship

No folks. masturbating while you are in a relationship is not wrong and is not cheating. masturbation is a healthy habit that should be inculcated regardless of your relationship status. In fact, communicating your needs to your partner can only strengthen the bond of your relationship.

  • Masturbating Can Decrease Your Sperm Count

When indulged in excess (three and more times a day), yes, masturbation does lead to a decrease in sperm count. However, masturbating daily does not affect your sperm count in any way. In fact, it is considered to be quite healthy and a stimulating exercise to keep stress at bay.

We hope we have satiated your curiosity about masturbation and its side-effect or lack thereof. So abandon your shame and fears and, explore the wonders of your body with this wonderful stimulating act.

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