Pregnancy is an extraordinary feeling for every woman. There is a new excitement every time your child growing inside reaches a milestone. Apart from the baby's growth, it also indicates that your pregnancy journey has reached a new height. But did you ever wonder what do these baby kicks really trying to convey to you? These facts about baby kicks will keep you 'hawing'. Make sure you read till the end, and you will truly be surprised.

Baby Kicks are Not Just Kicks

Kicks are nothing but the baby moving inside the womb. Although the movements are referred to as kicks, it might also include movements of the diaphragm, hand movements and a side-to-side turning, and more. When your baby actually starts to kick stretching the limbs out, you might just get a swishing feeling in your abdomen. Pregnancy Side Effects: Unfortunate Things That Happen When You Are Pregnant!

Baby Kicks Can be a Response to Light and Sound

The baby tries to stretch within the womb with the limbs or move, and hence, you feel the kicks. And while these movements are a part of the baby's normal development, sometimes a move or a punch can be in response to external stimuli like light, sound or even specific food ingested by the mother. World Immunisation Week 2020: From Hepatitis A to MMR, Vaccines to Avoid During Pregnancy to Prevent Miscarriage and Birth Defects.

Babies Kick More After Your Meals

Now, this might really surprise you, but your baby can kick about 15 to 20 times a day. However, the kicks will be more after you finish a meal or in response to a loud sound. Coronavirus And Pregnancy: Test All Asymptomatic Pregnant Women Living in Containment Zones or Hotspots, Says ICMR

Reduced Baby Kicks Does Not Always Indicate Trouble

Sure reduced foetal movements may raise concerns if the baby is not getting sufficient oxygen or nutrient, but sometimes babies rest inside the womb for as long as 40 to 50 minutes. Also, once you reach 36th week of pregnancy, there might be a decrease in foetal movement due to less availability of space.

Did you know you can sense the baby movements as early as 18 or 19 weeks into pregnancy? However, it would help if you were really very attentive to perceive those kicks.

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