Pregnancy Side Effects: Unfortunate Things That Happen When You Are Pregnant!
Pregnancy (Photo credits: Instagram)

When your body is making room for another human to grow, it is only normal for your body to go through some shifts and changes. And while you certainly know about the obvious changes like the growing belly, what about the less-talked symptoms like the millions your ways your breasts can look and feel different? Odds are, that you are not even thinking about making a baby, but we know you are curious about the symptoms.

1. You Swell Everywhere

Your face can really look like you stuffed two burgers in your mouth when you are pregnant. Kim Kardashian took to Instagram to show off her swollen pregnancy lips. But when you are pregnant, several other body parts like your breasts, ankles, nose, as well as veins can swell up. Pregnancy Workout: Safe Exercise and Fitness Tips For Pregnant Women!

2. You Forget Everything

Don't be surprised if you have to spend two hours searching for your car keys or when you suddenly can't remember words that once flowed off your tongue so easily. You can feel spacy, zoned out and less than sharp during your entire pregnancy. Although researchers claim that there's no real evidence of pregnancy brain, every pregnant mother experiences it in some form or the other.

3. You Get Spots on Your Skin

If you have ever wondered why pregnant women dark spots on their faces, it is because of the changes in hormones that lead to all the hyperpigmentation. And while they usually go away after birth, the hormones in your birth control that cause them too. So while you cannot do away with pregnancy, you can surely figure some other birth control method.

4. Your Breasts Grow Large and Heavy

Your breasts can go through a wave of evolution throughout pregnancy when it is preparing for breastfeeding. With your belly growing from the size of an orange to a watermelon, your breasts can transform from medium-sized apples to big, juicy mangoes. When your body is preparing for breastfeeding, your breasts can become larger and sometimes lopsided.

5. You Can Find It Extremely Hard To Poop

Pregnancy hormones relax your bowel movements which makes the food stay for longer in your body so that you can absorb maximum amounts of nutrients for your baby. As a result, you get extremely constipated. Making a baby is not so easy, you see!

6. You Puke a Lot

Pregnancy cannot come without that projectile vomiting in the middle of a work meeting. And, despite the name, morning sickness is not limited to just morning. It can hit you anytime throughout the day. Dengue during Pregnancy: Everything You Need to Know about the Symptoms and Treatment

7. You Can't Eat Your Favourite Foods

All the hormonal fluctuations can throw your body out of whack. So don't be surprised if you are suddenly turned off by the foods that you loved. You also have a heightened sense of smell during pregnancy which can throw certain foods off your radar.

8. You Sweat All the Time

It is not uncommon to feel more hot and sweaty than usual during pregnancy and it can start right from the first semester and stretch to postpartum. So make sure that you stay hydrated and avoid hot and spicy foods during pregnancy.

9. You Pee A Lot

Pregnancy can result in a lot of night-time toilet trips which you certainly won't like. The frequent urination has to do with all the hormonal shifts in your body. Ways Your Breasts Change After Pregnancy and Breastfeeding No One Tells You About!

We know this is going to make you cry, but pregnancy hormones can also send your hair growth cycles to overdrive, so you may notice more facial and body hair. But at the end of it, it is all worth it when you first hold your baby in your arms.