‘Pumping’ Among Gay Men Is a Dangerous Trend, Doctors Warn LGBTQ Community
Pumping (Photo Credits: Pixabay/SVG)

A worrisome new trend called “pumping” has been catching the fancy of men everywhere, especially in the LGBTQ community. The term refers to injecting a substance, often silicone, into the body to enhance certain parts such as the hips, pectorals, etc. While it’s common in the cosmetic industry to use medical-grade silicone to enhance body parts, it’s the unauthorised use of the material by unqualified surgeons that has been bothering the medical fraternity. Many such quacks or “pumpers” have been illegally injecting industrial-grade silicone into people’s bodies, causing a variety of health problems and even death.

The trans community is particularly under risk, since many of them use silicone indiscriminately to achieve the body they want. Silicone is injected into the thighs, buttocks and hips to give trans women a curvy look. The trend is also seen among the “gainers” a subgroup in the gay community to give the impression of bulkiness to the body. But unregulated practices have been raising concerns, especially in the light of pumping-related deaths. How to Make Your Penis Bigger in 45 Minutes? Penis Implants Are Now Available for Men Which Can Make a ‘Huge’ Difference.

The problem is fuelled by the fixation with appearances and weight, body dysmorphia and poor body image prevalent in the gay community. There’s an unhealthy idolisation of larger bodies and body parts, which are artificially enhanced with silicone.

What is Pumping?

Pumping refers to injecting silicone into the body for an altered appearance. The silicone used by underground pumpers are not medical grade. Most people who request for the technique don’t know the difference between the two. One woman from Florida was also injected with a mixture of tire sealants and cement. Penis Fillers Are the Latest Trend for Men Who Want to Increase Their Manhood Size, But Should You Get One?

Asa Radix, senior director at an LGBTQ health centre from New York told The Rolling Stones that some patients even resort to injecting peanut butter or quick cement in them. Their body image issues are so severe, that they go through any lengths to get the physique that they need.

How Is Silicone Injected?

Silicone is generally encased in a bag and inserted into the body so that it doesn’t react with the body. In some cases, silicone is also freely injected into the tissue. But these are small amounts of medical-grade material, which won’t cause any health concerns.

Pumpers use low quality or industrial-grade silicone used in construction for medical procedures, which can be dangerous.

What Are The Side Effects of Pumping?

Pumping can result in infections that require immediate attention or hospitalisation. They can also result in permanent scars eventually. Acute Silicone Syndrome happens when the silicone enters the bloodstream and makes its way into the other organs like heart, brain or lungs.

Symptoms of Acute Silicone Syndrome include fever, cough, delirium and loss of consciousness in the first few days after the procedure. While one in four dies, there’s a high chance of survival if the right treatment is given at the right time.