Sahil Khan Birthday Special: Workout & Diet of India’s Official Aesthetic King (Watch Videos)
Happy Birthday Sahil Khan (Photo Credits: Instagram / Sahil Khan)

Sahil Khan turns 43 years old on Nov 5, 2019, and he is by far considered as the best body-builder in India. Sahil Khan is India’s official aesthetic king in fitness awareness as he has won the award by several prestigious bodies in Mumbai. By profession, he is a Bollywood actor and fitness entrepreneur, he made his debut as a lead actor in the movie Style, which went on to become a box office hit. Let us now throw some light on Sahil Khan's workout and diet which makes him the hottest hunk in town.

Sahil Khan was born to a Chinese mother and a Muslim father in Kolkata. He was brought up in Delhi. Sahil Khan's workout mostly includes strength training, core training and a little bit of functional training. Since he is a super-model, his main aim is to look aesthetic, therefore he concentrates on training individual body parts. His workout regime includes isolation, compound and cardio exercises where he never ignores his core training.

Sahil Khan's Workout

As per, Sahil Khan trains five days a week with a resting day in between.  He starts off his week with chest and abs training on Monday, while on Tuesday he concentrates on quadriceps, hamstrings and calves. On Wednesday he works on his back and abs and gives his body rest on Thursday. Friday and Saturday he dedicates to shoulder, biceps and triceps training with compulsory core training. He again takes a rest on Sunday. The body needs rest for recovery and muscle growth.

Sahil Khan's Chest & Shoulder Workout

Sahil Khan's Back Workout

Sahil Khan's Abs Workout

Sahil Khan's Arms Workout

Sahil Khan's Diet

As per, Sahil Khan takes whey protein with 40gm serving after the workout. He also eats six egg whites in a day and sometimes also include yolk of one or two. He prefers to have a banana and a yoghurt one hour prior to exercise. Sahil Khan believes in eating small meals say five to six in equal intervals. He ensures that he takes adequates amount of sleep, the most important thing for hypertrophy and also drinks around 10-12 glasses of water every day. He also includes multivitamin tablets in his diet. His meal also includes dates and green salads. Before sleeping, he also drinks apple cider vinegar diluted with a glass of water. Sahil Khan also owns a muscle gym in Goa.