Shocking! Penis Shoved with 39 Magnet by a 12-year-old Schoolboy out of Curiosity; Left Him Unable to Pee
School boy shoves magnetic balls into his penis. (Photo Credit: Youtube and Pixabay)

In a bizarre incident, a "curious" 12-year-old was unable to pee after he inserted a string of small metal, magnetic balls into his penis. As strange as it may sound this boy out of curiosity inserted 39 magnet balls up his urethra. The X-ray images showed magnets were inside his private part in the shape of 'U' and caused him pain and discomfort while peeing, as per reports by KanKa news he was taken to the Wuhan Children's Hospital in China on January 13 after he "swallowed some foreign objects," however, it turned out that he was having a different issue altogether. The urologist, Dr Wang Jun was shocked to find about 39 magnetic balls trapped inside the urinary tract of the boy. A minimally invasive surgery was required to get the balls out of the 20-year-old's urinary tract. Jelqing: The Non-Invasive Way to Make Your Penis Longer; Is it Really Safe or Effective?

The boy named Xiaorui was brought to the hospital complaining abdominal pain. He reportedly said that he had swallowed a string of magnetic balls. The doctors thought it was quite possible for a kid to swallow the magnetic balls while playing, however, since they were magnetic, the consequences could have been quite unimaginable. However, the X-ray soon revealed that the magnetic balls were lined up inside his penis. The boy soon accepted that he had been shoving those balls inside his penis as per reports by Kanka news.

39 Buck balls stuffed inside the urethra were lined up neatly because of the magnetic force and caused the child to develop the symptoms of anuria. Treatment options were quite tricky, however, through minimally invasive surgery the doctors were able to remove all the magnetic balls present in his penis. Currently, the boy has resumed urination and has been discharged.