Jelqing: The Non-Invasive Way to Make Your Penis Longer; Is it Really Safe or Effective?
To jelq or not to jelq? All your questions answered! (Photo credits: Pixabay)

Poor body image and vanity are often erroneously associated only with women. But the blokes aren’t too far behind, especially when it comes to their penis size. A King’s College study surveyed 173 men about their beliefs about their penis. Astoundingly, around 30 percent said they were dissatisfied with the length of their member. Another 2007 study that reviewed over 50 studies on penis length (yes, that many!) since 1942 pegs that number at 45 percent.

Dissatisfaction with penis size is not a new thing. The Kamasutra, the ancient Indian treatise of all things kinky, features a chapter on enlarging the penis with insect (wasp or hornet) venom and oil before dangling it through a hole in the bed. This shows that men have always worried themselves sick, wondering whether they are packing enough junk in the trunk.

This is telling since penis enlargement is the most sought-after cosmetic surgery in the US. Corporations capitalising on this ancient male insecurity have been selling all sorts of snake oils and contraptions to increase men’s penis size, case in point penis enlargement pumps. Many of the locker-room talks also revolve around dubious, unscientific techniques to increase the penis length. And one such technique is jelqing, based on the simple logic that ‘the harder you pull, the longer it gets.’

What is Jelqing?

Apart from algebra, clocks and libraries, jelqing was gifted to mankind by the Arabs. It’s a penile “massage” which involves pulling at the penis to increase its length gradually. And unlike conventional invasive procedures, jelqing can be performed in the quiet comfort of your own home.

The ancient practice has been revived in the age of the internet, where unscientific advice can travel faster than the speed of light. Many users claimed to have increased the length of their penis by an inch or two after months of relentless jelqing. They claim that pulling at the member will cause the penile tissues to engorge with blood, thus increasing its girth and length.

Does it Work?

As much as it pains us to spoil it for you, jelqing may not work in the real sense. The numerous “success” stories notwithstanding, there is no scientific proof to support the claim that jelqing actually makes the penis grow longer. This has a lot to do with the way the penis is built.

The structure of the penis (Photo credits: Wikimedia Commons)

Unlike muscle tissues in your biceps and deltoids that can be grown and altered, the penis is an organ comprising a variety of tissues, nerves and blood vessels. It can’t be grown or transformed at will. Pulling the penis continuously makes the blood to rush into the organ, engorging it for a short time. But it may not make it grow longer permanently.

Is Jelqing Safe?

While it isn’t very effective, jelqing is definitely not very safe either. Tugging at the sensitive organ can cause micro-injuries, pain, irritation and even disfigurement of the penis. What’s worse? Too much pressure could even cause erectile dysfunction, according to people who know how anatomy works! In short, jelqing incorrectly can cause a whole lot of pain.

How to Jelq

If you insist on trying, here’s how you can jelq safey.

1. Have a hot bath to get your blood flowing. Alternatively, you can also apply a warm compress to your penis.

2. Start jelqing when the penis is 50-75 percent erect and don’t work it to a full erection. Jelqing on an erect penis is a surefire way to getting injured.

3. Use a lubricant to facilitate easy movement of the hand along the shaft. You can use Vaseline, oil or even lotions to jelq.

The OK sign (Photo credits: Wikimedia Commons)

4. Make an OK sign with your hand, insert the penis into the ring formed with your index finger and thumb, grip the base of the penis and move all the way, stopping at the glans. Don’t go further because the glans contains sensitive nerve endings, which may get damaged due to the tugging.

5. Go on for 5-10 minutes at a time and stop if you get a full erection or if you experience pain.

The idea that the penis can be enlarged simply by pulling at it stems from a poor understanding of the human anatomy. Like your height, skin colour and the shape of your nose, your penis size is also determined by your genetics. And unless you opt for risky invasive procedures like penis enlargement, there is no permanent way to enlarge your penis. What jelqing can do, however, is to create temporary engorgement of the penis by forcing blood into it. Fortunately for men, a British survey revealed that women are not too picky when it comes to penis size.

There are other ways to create an illusion of a longer penis, which barely has any adverse effects. When you carry excess weight around the abdomen and the pelvic region, the penis tends to look smaller. Working out reduce some of the fat around the pubic area, creating an illusion of a smaller penis. Trimming the hair around the penis can also make it look longer than it is. These smart and safe techniques may not be permanent, but it a lot safer than yanking your sensitive organ and slowly choking it to death.