Skin Care Tips For Men in Winters: Follow These Simple Steps To Fight Dry Skin This Season
Representational Image (Photo credits: Pixabay)

The temperatures are dipping in parts of the country. Most of the people love the weather change from summers to winters but as much as the cooler weather seems favourable, it may not be so for your skin. Skin care is extremely important for all seasons, especially in winters when it tends to become dry very quickly. When we say skin care we do not mean just the women, who are perceived to be extra careful about their skin. But off late, even men pay extra attention to their skin and grooming. And if you are one among them or know someone who is, then you should most definitely share these winter skin care tips for men with them. Winter Skin Care: Tips to Make Dry Skin Moist and Supple.

Men nowadays have become equally conscious and cognizant of their skin. However, it is important to take steps wisely. Karan Gupta, Director and Men's Grooming Expert of Qraa Men, and Dilip Kundlia, Director and Skin Care Expert at Oshea Herbals, have shared tips for men to look prim and proper in winter. Skin Tips For Winter: Home Remedies to Have a Healthy Glowing Skin in Colder Days.

  • Never step out of your house before applying sunscreen on your skin. Sunscreen is an essential product and something most men often tend to ignore and neglect. Therefore, men must incorporate sunscreens that have high moisture content in them to have dual benefits on their skin.
  • Men are usually very protective and insecure about their beard and take exceptional care of it. The beard of a man enhances his mystique thereby making him look more attractive and charismatic. Beard vitalizers, beard conditioning spa and beard oils shall be their saviour this winter.
  • It is time to get into some serious skin care business and indulge in some charcoal face washes, scrubs and face packs. The presence of activated charcoal sucks out the impurities and detoxifies the skin while soothing it.
  • For your skin to be smooth and supple throughout the winters, go in for handmade cleansing bars which are rich in shea butter, neem extracts, blackberry extracts, charcoal and papaya. These handmade bars reinstate the natural moisture content in the skin.
  • For healthy skin, it is important to give up on all the bad habits like drinking and smoking. Such habits have a direct impression and control over the looks of a person. Instead, start drinking more water to stay hydrated.

These are some of the basic tips that you can easily follow if you do not want to let the winter chill affect your radiance. Give some time to your skin care enjoy the beautiful weather, not affecting your face even a bit. (With IANS Inputs)