It's a Friday and in blink it is Sunday night again. But do find yourself stressed, restless and frantically preparing your meals for your weekday lunches? Don't worry, you are not alone. Sunday night can be so anxiety-inducing for most of us probably because we feel that we did not get enough time to rest before the weekend. As common as that feeling is, you do not have to spend your weekend night with a ball of stress. With these tips, you will be able to manage Sunday scaries better.

1. Snooze More

If you want to be in a good mood for the rest of your day, let your body wake up naturally on a Sunday. It should be your time to sleep in while your husband gets up with the kids.

2. Take a Day Off

If you are working hard the entire week, you need to devote some time for recovery. Your Sunday workouts should all be about shavasana and couch side planks. Long Weekends in India 2020: List of Holidays in The New Year to Plan Your Vacations in Advance

3. Make It a Self-Care Day

In between your chores and your dinner plans, make sure that you take some time out for some self-care rituals. Whether it is that pedicure session or a spa, do whatever feels right to you.

4. Keep Sunday Night Low-Key

Watch a relaxing movie in the afternoon and hit up your Ashtanga yoga class in the evening. Have a light meal and keep your night as relaxing as possible to avoid getting up cranky on Monday morning. Funny Friday Memes and Jokes That You Will Not Relate to If You Have Working Weekends

5. Do A Little Retail Therapy

Retail therapy sometimes can be a great way to deal with all the blues. We are not asking you to blow up thousands at a go, just buying some little things online can make you feel much at ease.

6. Take a Social Media Hiatus

Social media can be a bummer especially on the weekends. You surely do not want to be spending your Sunday stalking your ex's new girlfriend and feeling disappointed for not vacationing enough. Take a day off even if that means deleting the application from your phone and downloading the next day again. Instagram Struggles That Are All Too Real for a Social Media Addict!

7. Start a Journal

If you have negative Sunday thoughts, take a pen and a paper and write down your feelings. Pen down what is that one thing that is making you anxious. By tracking your thoughts on pen in paper, you will be able to understand what is making you feel this way.

Sunday is also a good time to whip up that delicious pasta you have been promising to prepare for your spouse for a year now. It will help you do away with the Sunday afternoon dread.

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