You may think it is no big deal to cheat on weekends but those two little weekend days can sabotage your weight loss efforts. And even if you are dedicated through your weight loss goals Monday through Friday, it can be effortless to get derailed by the weekend. Even if you are looking to drop a few pounds or simply restricting your calories, there is no need to go into hiding on Saturday and Sunday. These weekend strategies will help you stay on track until Monday morning.

1. Stick To a Meal Schedule

The number one rule is to stick to your weekday meal schedule, even if it is the weekend. It can be easy to skip meals during the weekend and then make it up for the entire day by overindulging at dinner. This habit can make you pack pounds so stick to a schedule and keep some nuts handy to snack on at all times, especially if you are going out on road trips. How to Avoid Beer Belly and Weight Gain While Making the Best of Happy Hours

2. Stock Up Your Fridge with Zero Calories Beverages

When it is weekend, it is normal for your eating to veer a little off track and then your beverage choices also follow suit. Instead of reaching for diet sodas, cold coffees and other sugary drinks, load your fridge with a pitcher of infused water. You can save some fruit scraps or herbs to add some natural sweetness to your glass.

3. Change Your Cocktail Order

If it is a Friday night and you are trying to curb calories, keep your order simple. Stick to a cocktail that has 80 percent spirit rather than indulging in a fancy alcoholic beverage with tons of added sugars. To glam up your rum and soda or vodka and soda, you can add fresh fruit or some mint. Coffee Diet for Quick Weight Loss: How Does It Work and How Safe Is It?

4. Pack Nutritious Snacks

One of the most significant barriers to eating healthy on weekends is not preparing foods to take on the go. Sure you like your weekend plans to be unplanned and impromptu, but when you are carrying healthy go-to snack options, you will never get stuck anywhere without healthy sustenance. Weight Loss Tip of the Week: How to Use Yoghurt to Lose Weight

5. Socialise Smartly

Meeting your friends for meals can derail your healthy efforts but previewing the menu before dining out can help you plan your meal prior. If you are not too happy with the menu, you can always get a healthy dish to a party like some cauliflower hummus, so you still have something healthy to snack on.

One great way to limit your alcohol intake is by planning a morning workout or an early brunch to keep you from going overboard the night before.

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