The weekend is right here, and you must be already thinking of celebrating with an after-work cocktail. You completely deserve it since you worked hard all week long.  But while happy hour can be that much-needed break from the five-day hectic life, the beer jar can easily show up on your waistline. If you forget to keep a track, your weekend calorie budget will be over before Saturday even begins. So take note of these tips before you step out with your friends.

Have a Strict Budget

If you swipe your credit card, you will be more likely to order a lot. Having a price limit will keep you more mindful about what and how much you are you are ordering.

Alternate Beer with Water

One pint of beer can go up to two, three and indefinite. For every pint of beer you have, alternate with a glass of water. An even better idea would be to have water with your drink, so you don't down a tank of beer.

Know Your Counts

Arm yourself with enough knowledge on which appetisers and beverages are lower on the calorie line. Light beers obviously, are just over 100 calories. If researching is too much of a work for you, simply look for calorie count of the drink on the label, so you know which one you should be restricting.

Send It Back

Some places offer complimentary drinks sometimes to carry them back home. Ease temptation by limiting yourself to those freebies. Did Alcohol Originate From Israel? 13,000-Year-Old Beer Traces Found by Archaeologists in Raqefet Cave.

Have a Dinner Plan in Place

Make sure you have dinner plans in place, whether it's to meet a friend at another restaurant, or to have a dinner date at home with your significant other. If you know you have to save some space in your stomach for a meal, you won't be drinking mindlessly.

Nosh Before You Go

If you show up for the happy hour feeling full, you won't be tempted to order everything on the drinks menu. Having a little something beforehand whether it be a handful of almonds or a small apple can go a long way in keeping your calorie intake in check. Beer Vs Wine: Does Not Matter What You Drink First, You Will Still End Up Drunk.

Go After Your Workout

Don't skip your workout, no matter what.  Even if you are dealing with peer pressure, stand your ground. Tell your friends that you will meet them afterward.  By reaching late, you will not only restrict on your

And lastly, focus on the happy part, Remember you are there to spend time with friends, so instead of the drinks, make amazing conversations the highlight of your outing.

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