Vagina Spa Coming Up in the UK Offering Services Like Vaginal Tightening, Lightening, Steaming, Plumping, etc. Faces Backlash by Experts Online!
vagina spa slammed (Photo Credits: Instagram/ vspotmedispa)

How would you like a spa that would take care of your vaginal health and wellness by actually using "steam infused with therapeutic herbs", for one? Well NYC has this popular spa called the VSPOT Medi Spa that has its expertise in "women’s sexual health well-being." The spa caters various vaginal wellness services such as "Vaginal tightening", "Orgasm Shot", "Vaginal Lightening", "Leakage," "Vaginal steaming", "Vaginal plumping", etc. Their V-tightening services include using "FemiLift" that heats the internal tissue of the vagina with laser technology. This, in turn, stimulates "formation of new collagen." Moreover, they provide 24K Gold Bikini Wax aka "Vajacial" which is known to use wax infused with 24K gold to remove hair, "before the skin is blasted with LED lights in a bid to combat ingrown hairs." The spa claims "gold is a natural anti-inflammatory agent which also helps brighten the skin." Vagina Highlighter, Vajacial + 4 Bizzare Vagina Trends from Social Media That Need to Stop Right Now!

The founder Cindy Barshop wants to expand her business to London this year and another one in Dubai after that and ever since this news has come out, it has been receiving backlash online. The exotic spa has been successfully running for two years in New York and now that it is expanding to the UK as well, experts have quite unhappy opinions about it. The spa is being slammed and is even being called, "vagina vultures who peddle shame in a bottle and in their steamers & jade eggs"

Check tweets about experts slamming the unusual spa for its services, coming to the UK:

Dr Philippa Kaye who goes by the Twitter handle @drphilippakaye says, "Clinic opens for 'vagacials' (vaginal facials). Yet again healthcare professionals have to respond to #thingsnottoputinyourvagina or #thingsnottodotoyourvulva. Your vulva may have lips but it doesn't need a facial!"

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Athena Lamnisos who goes by the handle name @athenalamnisos1 says,"My career has crashed. I’ve written, campaigned, provided medical research, worked with experts, addressed every stupid claim from the vagina vultures who peddle shame in a bottle and in their steamers & jade eggs. And now THIS"

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