Home Remedy Of The Week: Epsom Salt Foot Scrub and Soaking Methods To Get Rid Of Cracked Heels
Epsom Salt Scrub and bath (Photo Credits: Pexels)

It is winter already and one of the most common winter problems is cracked heels. Due to excessive dryness and chilly air during the cold weather, the skin on your heels get cracked and start to peel off. Not only are cracked heels, uncomfortable and unattractive to look at, for some people it is an extremely experience. However, some of the home remedies really work wonders when it comes to healing cracked heels. Apart from providing moisturisation, it is important to protect your heels by wearing socks and not wearing uncomfortable clothes. Apart from this another great way to get rid of cracked heels is to scrub the dry skins off. Epsom Salt Bath: 8 Benefits of Having a Detoxing Bath This Monsoon.

The idea is to soften the cracked heels by easy soaking methods at home and then scrubbing off the dry skin and making it smoother. Epsom salt is an amazing ingredient, loaded with nutrients that are used for soaks and baths. By adding a little bit of Epsom salt into your bathwater, you can reap its benefits. Here's how you can use Epsom salt scrub and soak to get rid of cracked heels:

Epsom Salt Scrub and Soak For Cracked Heels

Firstly make a scrub using Epsom salt and coconut oil mixed together into a smooth paste. Now add essential oil of your choice and keep the scrub aside. Next, take some lukewarm water and add a teaspoonful of Epsom salt to the water. Add a few drops of body wash and aloe vera gel for moisturisation. Now soak your feet into it for 30 mins. after that apply the scrub you made earlier and keep for 15 mins. Take a loofah and scrub your heels off to get rid of the dry and dead skin on your heels.

You will see that your heels have become smoother and softer than before. Now to maintain this, apply coconut oil to your feet, every day to your feet and wear a pair of socks before hitting the bed. This trick should start showing better results within a week.

(This article is written for an informative purpose and should not be substituted for medical advice. Kindly consult your doctor before trying any tips.)