How a Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation Can Boost the Value of Your House
Kitchen Renovation (Photo Credits: File Image)

When it comes to home renovations, two areas that hog the limelight are the kitchen and bathroom. And that's probably because they are two of the most functional spaces in your home and two areas that you absolutely can't live without.

We spoke with the new General Manager of Hausera, Sean Hayes, who said, "Through our 2019 survey we found that homeowners spent an average of $12,800 for their kitchen renovation, $11,100 for their bathroom and $10,800 for their laundry room." Additionally, "64% of our survey responses said they plan to remodel their kitchen, bathroom or laundry room over the course of the next two years."

Generally speaking, kitchen and bathroom renovations add to the value of your home and in this article, we'll see how and why this happens.

Go with the latest trends

The kitchen and bathroom styles tend to change over time, and it's important you keep these two places updated enough to meet these changes. For example, green toilets were the rage once, but not anymore. So, if you have a green toilet now, it looks odd and can be an eyesore for your guests.

Keep pace with technology

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and its important you keep pace with it, especially when it comes to kitchen appliances and bathroom fittings. We live in the age of connected machines and can control every appliance and fitting through our smartphone. Needless to say, this will be extremely convenient as you can customize your home to meet your needs. But for this to be a reality you have to update your bathroom and kitchen areas, so they are conducive for these new technologies.

Impress your prospective buyer

If you plan to sell your house any time soon, updating these two areas is a must. The kitchen is the focal point of your home as people tend to spend a long time preparing food and socializing over it. This is also why the kitchen is the first area that prospective buyers see before they make a decision. In fact, a survey on shows that 69% of the home descriptions tout kitchen as a major selling point and a house with a killer kitchen sells 8% faster than other homes. These stats clearly show the importance of renovating your kitchen before putting it on the market.

Improve the utility

Sometimes, renovations are required to increase the utility value of that space. For example, as you get older you may want a walk-in shower area in your bathroom or you may want more accessible kitchen cabinets. Such pressing needs are an important reason to remodel these areas as they make it easier for you to live.

Enhance energy efficiency

As we face the impact of climate change, governments world over are coming up with laws to monitor and regulate our use of resources like electricity and water. With some small changes, you can save the amount of water you use in your bathrooms. Likewise, energy-efficient applications in your kitchen can greatly bring down your energy consumption, not to mention the additional cost savings that come with it.

Thus, these are some of the reasons to renovate your kitchen and bathroom. Just a word of caution here, keep an eye on the budget too as renovations can quickly add to the cost.