Aulegatum is no ordinary name, especially for a financial service company.

But it is unique to how the company came to be and what it represents.

It all started when Rick Kam met his wife in Hong Kong. When she decided to leave everything she knew to move to the United States with him, Rick felt compelled to protect her financially and ensured he could leave money behind if anything were to ever happen to him.

Although he was an actuary, Rick realized that he wasn’t as financially savvy as he should be. He was great at managing his employer’s financial statements, but seldom took care of his own saving plans and budgets.

This realization landed him in a seat at an independent financial service brokerage company. He started out as a client, seeking financial advice from a financial expert. He learned that he could save money tax-free and invest in ways that would mirror market returns.

After learning from his service provider that he could start his own business in the finance industry which pays well, he decided to pursue a part-time position as financial service provider himself.

Through his training and practice, he learned many ways the wealthy elites handle and care for their money, and he is giving this knowledge to his clients today through his own company, Aulegatum.

“Au” is the Latin symbol for the precious metal, gold. It’s also the meaning of Rick’s last name. Kam means gold in Chinese.  “Legatum” means legacy or gift in Latin.

The mission of Aulegatum ( is to gift its clients the financial knowledge they need to build a golden legacy for generations to come. The financial education company offers a variety of financial services including budgeting, debt reduction, emergency funds, life insurance, retirement and estate planning.

Aulegatum financial experts aim to give clients peace of mind when it comes to their financial future.

Under Rick Kam’s leadership, the team at Aulegatum, unlike the big name firms you see on TV commercials, empowers families and provides them with the knowledge they need to establish a household built on financial stability on a personal basis.

Build A Golden Legacy with Financial Advisor Rick Kam

Born in Hong Kong and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Rick Kam has always been a business-minded person. He has always had a desire to create a legacy he could call his own.

When he attended university, he originally majored in business with a plan to join the business world after graduation. After realizing that it would be difficult to find a job as a business major in Canada, he switched his major to Actuarial Science. He moved to the Bay Area for his first job as an actuary - a title he held for over 13 years (including stops in Los Angeles and Boston).

In 2018, Rick got his licenses and became a financial educator. Then in 2019, he founded Aulegatum Financial Partners. Since its birth, Rick has helped many of his clients build a golden legacy with Aulegatum’s financial services. Rick currently resides in the US with his wife and baby boy.