If you are currently on the hunt to upgrade your summer wardrobe with some stylish new swimwear, you’re in luck. LYRA is one of the most innovative swimwear brands, created by London based Ikram Zein, to cater to the needs of women with a modest preference in swimwear. It is rare to come across a brand that perceives the world in a different way – a way that makes a difference. 

Finding modest swimwear (also referred to as Burkini) which offers the level of coverage, comfort and fit has, for far too long, been a dilemma among many women.When it comes to swimwear, there has been a rather conventional norm in the fashion industry, following the same pattern in swimwear collections. But what of women who aren’t comfortable wearing conventional swimwear? A failure to address this by the fashion industry is what birthed LYRA.

LYRA was created to answer a problem that simply shouldn’t have existed in the 21st century. Women who dress modestly were left with very little choice when it came to swimwear, with the majority being forced to create anoften-impracticalDIY outfit. Having suffered the same problem herself, Ikram decided something had to change and established LYRA Swimwear in 2017. Offering a ready-to-wear swimwear brand to empower, inspire and enable women around the world.

Conceiving the brand aesthetics and designs was a process of putting ideas together to accomplish the look and feel Ikram envisioned for the brand. LYRA focused on bringing feminine, minimal brand aesthetics to life, with subtle and elegant detailing. It took a year of putting ideas together, creating and testing designs and speaking to women of all backgrounds about what they would love to have in a modest swimsuit.

LYRA created functional and stylish swimwear (Burkinis), designed for women who choose to dress modestly, but also choose to live an active lifestyle. So much more than just a functional garment, their collection is for the style conscious too. Whether you're building sandcastles on the beach or paddle boarding in the bay, LYRA swimwear will make you feel feminine and confident.With a range of designs for lounging poolside, strolling on the beach or swimming in the sea which appreciates that every woman is different, with a unique sense of what she feels comfortable in. The collection prioritizes this, with versatile designs allowing for the option to add or remove pieces to suit each woman’s preference for fit, level of comfort and coverage. The SOFIA style reflects this versatility, which can be worn as a one-piece or with swim leggings and a detachable skirt.Enabling each woman to create a swim look that reflects her unique sense of style.

LYRA swimsuits are made from the highest quality,lightweight and fast drying premium Italian carvico fabric, with high UV protection. Functional and stylish, yet also ethically made. Stitched into mesmerizing feminine designs and silhouettes. Ikram made sure that her designs incorporate style, comfort, and flexibility, a perfect combination of what every woman wants.

LYRA is revolutionizing modest swimwear, with swimsuits in a variety of styles and finishes, including soft pastels, graphic prints and rich shades, it's pretty pieces are already in huge demand. To have a glimpse of what a typical LYRA Swimsuit looks like, the SOFIA style, inspired by the traditional wetsuit design, offers a feminine edge, functional design and flattering fit. A versatile swimsuit which comes in 3 pieces comprising a bodysuit, swim leggings and detachable skirt. RAYA is a chic range, featuring a beautiful wrap design with drape detailing along with matching swim leggings. ASRA is a Moroccan kaftan inspired swimsuit, featuring a colour block panel to the neck and bust, adding interest and definition. Matching leggings complete the look, with contrasting side panels and a flattering close fit.

From start-up to global leading swimwear brand in just three years, LYRA has put itself in the category of unique and most loved brands worldwide. The foundation of LYRA is not merely a success story, but it is, in itself, the start of a revolutionizing fashion trend that resonates with the concerns of countless women who share Ikram’s grievances about the lack of suitable options available. It has become a safe space and option for women hailing from various backgrounds across the world, echoing the same sentiment.