When you make up your mind about your life goal, nothing can stop you from achieving it. Jhansi Rani Vedachalam, an entrepreneur is a living example of it. She began her own journey after working at some of the global giants including Microsoft and IBRD (International Bank For Reconstruction and Development) which is the lending arm of World Bank Group. Despite having the backing of such global companies, Jhansi realised that it was the need to start a company of her own. The thought came into reality and she launched Jiore, a skincare and haircare brand which has brought a revolution with its products.

After quitting her job at Microsoft, Jhansi learnt cosmetology in Atlanta, USA. The self-discovery began when she formulated a few soaps by using natural ingredients like chrysanthemum and lemongrass oil to treat her hormonal acne. The entrepreneur later formulated multiple products when she finally developed the glass skin combo from Jiore for getting the ultimate poreless and scarless skin. Merging the traditional methods and other home remedies, her innovative products have given impactful results to the consumers. The brand is now continuously growing and maturing. Moreover, Jiore has one of a kind facial soap that promotes collagen growth.

Addressing the skin issues every teenager faces including that of hormones, genes and due to pollution, Jiore encourages the youth on a healthy skincare routine. The cruelty-free and eco-friendly products have shown that a person can get lasting results without any medications.

With the aim of promoting women empowerment, Jiore has shattered many gender stereotypes and 80% of the brand’s employees are women homemakers. Jhansi said, “All the women are offered flexible working hours and are given equal opportunities as working women have a great contribution to education, health and wellness. Giving opportunities to every woman out there, we also provide work from home options and encourage the women to establish something of their own.”

While talking about what the future holds for Jiore, the entrepreneur stated that the brand is working towards building higher customer satisfaction by providing products of all kinds like soaps, toners, creams and serums. “Our central aim of empowering more women in our workforce still stands. We wish to rope in more women entrepreneurs who have the inclination but not the resources. Jiore will help them setup their own venture and also have financial independence. We are also in the process of finalizing dealers in Northern Indian states soon. Our aim is to expand to 100 outlets PAN India in the next 2 years”, said the founder of Jiore. To know more about the product and its services, head to its Instagram page ‘@jiore.official’ or visit the website www.jioreskincare.in.