If you are looking for your favourite products to enhance your skin and appearance, and wondering how to get your hands on them in the current lockdown time we have wonderful news for you. Read on and discover how your home is all set to surprise you. Home remedies which are natural and safe have been considered since time immemorial to be the magic potion for glowing, flawless skin, lustrous hair, healthy nails and a beautiful body.

With ample time on your hands these days and fresh ingredients from your kitchen you just need expert advice to get yourself going and we are helping you do just that by introducing Dr Abhinit Gupta, celebrity skin specialist and BIGO live host whose wonderful tips will create a beautiful and healthy you, without the need to move out of your house. So let us look at some regular and easily available products in our house and their wondrous benefits:

Apple Cider Vinegar

The use of this easily available product has a host of benefits:

When one part of this is mixed with 3 parts of water and added to your toothpaste during regular brushing it creates a natural teeth whitening solution. Another product that is readily available at home and can be used for teeth whitening is baking soda.

Apple Cider Vinegar also serves as a good facial cleanser when you add I tablespoon of it to 1/4th cup water and clean your face with it. It is a gentle cleanser which is very helpful in removing bacteria and dead skin. Apple Cider Vinegar is also a good astringent and can work well as a toner. If your skin is sensitive this mixture can be diluted further by mixing more water.


The antiseptic property of the mouthwash on your bathroom shelf is very useful too. Apart from being a regular mouthwash and helping you get rid of germs in the mouth, it can also cure toenail fungus. Mixing a portion of this in hot water and soaking your feet in it for 20 minutes is very helpful in getting rid of toenail fungus.

It is also helpful in curing dandruff. Massaging the mouth wash into your scalp and washing it off with a regular shampoo takes care of all your dandruff worries in no time.

This is also a wonderful cure for itchiness – Wherever you have an allergy or itch dabbing a portion of it with cotton on the affected area dismisses the itchy feeling.

It also works as a natural aftershave that leaves the men feeling refreshed and clean after a shave.

It also works as a protective shield against any infections after body piercings. It's antiseptic property also makes it handy as a deodorant and a facial cleanser.

Another surprise that the expert unlocks for you is to use Eno which is also readily available at home as a face mask and bleach .The Eno formula of citric acid in lemon juice helps in brightening the skin and giving it a glowing effect.

So if you thought that the beauty parlour and expensive products were your only solutions to beauty care and a beautiful you – just try out these home beauty tips because staying at home has never been so BEAUTIFUL!