Who is Jayesh Patel? What has he done that today people consider him a youth icon? Read on to know more. What we see around us today is how people are running behind achieving their definition of success in one way or the other, and we also notice how in the race, they want to swiftly move ahead of everyone, often forgetting the core values of life. Fortunately, the world is also filled with a few rare gems, who do not wish to be a part of the rat race, rather go all out in their quest to do the different and emerge as pure winners in life. These individuals run behind achieving excellence while keeping life's core values at heart and working for the betterment of others as well. We came across one such young man from Gujarat, who has broken barriers and have gone ahead in creating a special place for himself as a generous man who genuinely cares for people; he is Jayesh Batukbhai Patel, serving as the proud President of Gujarat Vali Ekta Mandal,Gujarat.
Jayesh Patel is all about his social activities and the various genuine efforts he takes to impact people in society on a profound level. Today, as the President of Gujarat Vali Ekta Mandal, Gujarat, he has made a name for himself for the kind of social activities he has taken in his hands with his team, who make sure to provide value to people and educate them on issues they need to know more about. Under the guidance of Jayesh Patel, Gujarat Vali Ekta Mandal has also flourished over the years and how. They have earned the trust of people in Gujarat, which is a great feat to achieve for Jayesh Patel as a youth icon. On the academic from, he completed his BBA from Gujarat University and continued studies with doing MBA.
When other people in the political world were busy deciding ways through which they could propel forward in the industry, Jayesh Patel kept constantly working towards programs and events that could create a prominent impact on people's lives. This is where this youngster goes much ahead of others and earns the respect of people across the state. He was born in Ahmedabad in 1987 and from a very early age saw the need for the right icons in society who could successfully lead people to more happiness, better health, education, prosperity and the right information. This was when he decided to make his political career, but instead of working towards his growth and progress, he took the betterment and welfare of people at the center and focused on making a difference.
His extensive social and political background can inspire the world, such has been his astounding work for people. Jayesh Patel has been a General Secretary for NSUI Ahmedabad city from 2004-2008. From 2009-2012, he became elected as a Vice President of the Youth Congress. The youngster has been PAAS Convener for Ahmedabad city as a core team member since 2015 in Patidar Anamat Andolan Committee. Since 2020, he has become the President of Gujarat Vali Ekta Mandal, Gujarat. Jayesh Patel is the observer at Botad - Gadhada taluka and also the Pradesh Pratinidhi (observer) for Gujarat's Congress Committee.
He proudly says that all the selfless acts through the social activities he does are not about politics but it is about welfare, the foundation of which are truth, sacrifice and justice.