In this fast-paced world, we often forget the need to look after our health. Consequently, humans face many common health issues around the world, including unhealthy nutrition, insulin resistance, insidiously higher BMIs, obesity, metabolic issues, and type 2 diabetes. Such issues beg for a healthy, long-lasting and sustainable lifestyle to avoid such problems in the first place.

Introducing Melanie Avalon, the ultimate “biohacker,” who aims to provide biohacking techniques that cater to incredible health benefits and stress mitigation, all while supporting longevity!

After graduating from the University of Southern California with a double BA in film and theatre, Melanie Avalon kick-started her career as an actress, podcaster, author, and ultimately, an influencer. Having faced her own slew of chronic health challenges, Melanie strived to find the dietary and lifestyle techniques that might provide a solution to her struggles. This initiative soon led to an obsession, and thus began the journey of Melanie Avalon in the field of biohacking.

Craving for knowledge and stirred by the remarkable health benefits she began to experience, she searched and practiced multiple techniques leading to a healthy lifestyle. She also learned from experts in each respective sphere, and never hesitated to ask them questions.

This journey took a spin when Melanie decided to connect the world at large with biohacking, and its implementable health benefits. Intending to share her knowledge with a greater audience, Melanie chose podcasting as the medium to share her story and the advantages of biohacking with others, launching The Intermittent Fasting Podcast with NYT best seller co-host Gin Stephens, and finally The Melanie Avalon Biohacking Podcast. To date, the shows have garnered around 20 million downloads. As quoted by Melanie, “The biohacking world can often seem overwhelming or inaccessible to many people, so my goal is to break that barrier.”

Openly exploring ideas and information from multiple sources, Melanie believes her podcasts offer something for everyone. Convinced there is no single dietary routine for every individual, she explores multiple viewpoints from different credible authorities, so that every listener can find the unique dietary or lifestyle choices that best suit them.

Over the years, she has partnered with many health and biohacking brands, such as Joovv red light and near-infrared devices, which support circadian rhythm, muscle recovery, and cellular mitochondria; Butcher Box, which provides consumers access to sustainable meat from environmentally-friendly agriculture; and InsideTracker, which provides access to blood tests, analyzed by ideal rather than conventional ranges, and provides personalized dietary and lifestyle recommendations to lower one’s “inner age.”

According to Melanie, all of her content and brand suggestions arise from her personal experience in her own health journey. She believes these “hacks” not only empower her own healthy lifestyle, but also enable her to share it with others, so that she and her audience together can achieve a sense of peace when it comes to health. Melanie’s ultimate motto as a biohacker is, “Breath. Be kind. You got this!”