Stories are what makes us human. It is what connects to other people. Stories are just an easy way to convey your emotions and evoke empathy. With time, stories have changed and so has changed the way they are told. And with the overconsumption of online content people have started to like reading stories which are less in words but conveys a deep message and that is where microfiction comes to the rescue. And the forerunner of this change, The Scribbled Stories, is co-founded by Mr Mohit Kumar.
Mohit is a 20-year-old content connoisseur who wanted to tell stories but not in the old traditional way. So, he put his ideas, words, and doodles of his last pages of a notebook and put it all into this one online microfiction platform and today the numbers are speaking for themselves. 2 million poets, readers, writers and artists engage in the online activity to get organic "likes" on the online platform.
Initially being a content curator with the scribbled stories, Mohit now also leads the Brand collaboration team. From pitching to the potential clients to presenting the campaign reports, he is an active part of all the core steps in the working of The Scribbled Stories. TSS has worked with a lot of brands, NGOs, Bollywood movies, etc. Along with this, he also takes writing workshops all across the country. Mr Mohit Kumar has influenced and inspired a lot of current generation's writers with his vision of storytelling through least words. Mohit is also a two-time TEDx speaker who has contributed towards the writing community by giving budding writers a platform to showcase their work. Currently, he is busy working on his debut book, travelling, and reading more and more. Mohit is also a TEDx Curator who is cementing the future of content creation and consumption as and how the reader wants it.
As people are losing touch with their emotional side of the personality, stories and storytelling is something which keeps them aware of their emotions. Because of this cruel reality, storytelling has become one of the core marketing functions for big corporates. And with everyone fighting for time, microfiction is something which fits here the best. A writing format delivers in 25 or lesser words and keeps the theme intact. Although, TSS has formed multiple content formats like Snippets, Open Letters, Poems, Character biopsies, Poems or Stories. With all these formats, everyone gets the liberty of writing exactly what they want to convey and people from all parts of the world send their submissions to the platform and get the thrill of being a published writer.