Monsoon 2019 Dos and Don'ts: How to Stay Safe During Heavy Rains and Flooding in This Season
Monsoon 2019 dos and donts (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Monsoons arrived late this year but the rainfall seems to be making up for the delay and how! The rains have created a havoc in parts of Maharashtra, the financial capital Mumbai almost crippling with waterlogged roads and barely moving trains. The rains accompanied by high-speed winds and thundering often leads to many accidents. There could be loss of electricity, gas leaks, waterlogging in houses, flooding, wall collapse, uprooting of trees etc, which can often cause several deaths. As Mumbai faces a risk of heavier rains and stormy winds, we give you a list of dos and don'ts to follow to stay safe in the heavy rains and flood situation. Mumbai Rains: Maximum City is at Risk of Flooding Between July 3 & 5 Due to Heavy Downpour, Says Skymet Weather.

Dos During Heavy Rains

  • If it is raining heavily, avoid stepping out unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • Don't drive through submerged water, it will affect your cars too. In case of a breakdown, it is difficult to get help.
  • Walk in the middle of the roads and follow the crowd rather than going away on your own.
  • Keep all your electronic devices, including power batteries and emergency lights charged at all times. If you are stepping out for work, always carry a power bank.
  • Stock up your homes with basic essentials like milk, bread, ready-to-make food packets and medicines.
  • If the power goes out, turn off all the electrical appliances like fridge, TV, AC (if on), etc.
  • Be alert for gas leaks. Turn off your gas connection in case of flooding.
  • If the ceiling gets wet, turn off all lights and fans.
  • Always drink boiled water.
  • Use mosquito nets and repellents. Try and close your windows because there is a high possibility of certain insects entering in due to the light source.
  • Always wash your hands and feet after you come from outside.

Don'ts During Heavy Rains

  • Do not walk on the waterlogged footpath. There are chances of gutters being opened to let go of the accumulated water.
  • Don't let the kids go out and play in the accumulated water. There is a high possibility of catching diseases due to dirty water.
  • Do not touch an electrical pole for support. There are high chances of getting a shock. Maharashtra Rains: 27 Deaths Reported Due to Wall Collapse, 18 Dead in Malad, 3 in Kalyan, 6 in Pune.
  • Do not eat roadside food or juices. Always carry your own boiled water or buy filtered water in case of an emergency.
  • If there is a lot of lightning while you are outside, avoid using your cellphone too much.
  • Don't stand under tall trees for cover from the rain, because if the winds are too strong, there's a possibility of the tree falling over. So avoid parking your vehicles under the trees too.

These are some of the basic tips that one must follow and remember at all times.  So we hope you have a safe monsoon. And while you are at it, also help those who may in some need due to the flooding in the neighbourhood.