No Shave November Month: Seven Easy Ways to Maintain Healthy Facial Hair
Ways to maintain a healthy beard. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

The No Shave November month has begun and you will come across men with fuzzy hair on their faces. Beard or moustache looks really good on some men and if not maintained properly, it can be quite a turn off. If you love your beard, make sure you maintain it well with oils and balms. Preeti Seth, Wellness Expert, Pachouli Wellness Clinic, and Prerna Makhija, Wellness Expert, list tips for maintaining healthy facial hair.

1. Eat right: There aren't specific foods that will help your beard to grow perfectly but eating a balanced diet generally promotes healthy hair and skin. Take a multi-vitamin if consuming fruits and vegetables feels too wimpy.

2. Wash it daily: Even your beard hair needs a proper wash, so clean it regularly. Otherwise, you might see some dirt sticking to your hair. Wash your beard a few times a week and use a moisturising shampoo.

3. Dry properly: After you wash your beard, dry it properly. If you dry too forcefully, you will end up with split-ends and a lackluster beard.

4. Apply oil aptly: Shampooing your beard removes natural oils from your facial hair. Use olive oil, or another natural oil, to keep your beard shiny and soft.

5. Use the right tools: If you want to keep your beard long and strong, make sure you use the right grooming gear for it. Buy a beard trimmer and some sharp scissors for shaping your beard smoothly.

6. Conditioning: Once shampoo is done, just like head hair, your facial hair also needs good conditioning.

7. Trim it often: Even if you grow your beard long, it is recommended to trim it in every two months. It's like getting rid of split ends. If you're keeping it short, trim your beard every few weeks.

A beard or a moustache makes a man look mature and suave. A well-groomed and maintained beard enhances the charm of the boys or men. Just like hair on the head, a beard should be given equal importance, if one plans to grow it out. This No Shave November, style your beard like you've never done before.