Pranay vivek patil is a man who lives at a hill in Raibag called the station hill where he sorts out issues of the people of his district. He takes care of their personal and private issues so they don’t need to go to court unnecessarily. He is an expert at out-of-court settlements and does all this witPranay Vivek Patilh the help of a team that he calls his family. 

This social service of his comes under the umbrella of Abhaji Foundation. He started this foundation as an homage to his grandfather who was an Indian freedom fighter against the British Raj. The Abhaji foundation has two wings, one is the Kisan sena and the other is the foundation. 

We went to visit both wings of the foundation and discovered that they work in sync with their station hill head quarters. It all seemed very regimental,regal and well disciplined. 

We were in awe of the kind of respect Patil commanded and asked him about it . He answered in a polite yet firm voice.”This respect can never be forced out of anyone. It is the mutual love that all of us share for each other.”,said Patil.

We also found out from extremely reliable sources that this foundation has over 50,000 volunteers available night and day  at the beck and call of it’s founding president Pranay Vivek Patil.

We then spoke to Shruti Sangwan of the Kisan wing. “We have always been doing great things for the farmers and the underprivileged in U.P and Uttarakhand under the guidance of our founder president.”, said Ms. Sangwan.

Pranay Patil’s foundation is presently active in Karnataka,Maharashtra,Uttarpardesh and Uttarakhand. 

We asked him about his plans to expand to which he just laughed and said ,”First let’s maintain a sturdy grip on existing footholds only then can we stride on.”

Pranay Patil is the kind of person that we only see in movies or read in novels but when we met him , spent a day with him and spoke to him it felt like we were living the movies and novels that we have seen and read all our live . After our visit when we were returning home we suddenly felt envious of the life he lives. It was a completely surreal experience.