Condoms are one of the most effective methods of contraception. Condoms are known to be a great way to avoid Sexually Transmitted Diseases along with being one of the easiest forms of contraception. But when it is not used properly, one cannot expect complete security. It is important to understand that wearing condoms incorrectly can lead to unwanted pregnancy and even STIs. Does Testicle Size Matter and Can It Affect Your Sex Life? Few Things You Must Know for Orgasmic Climax.

How to Wear a Condom? Follow These Easy Steps:

  • First tear off the wrapper and take the condom in hand.
  • Now pinch the tip of the condom that juts out and move your fingers in the opposite direction.
  • After this, hold the rim of the condom with one hand and with the other hand press its tip between two fingers.
  • Now put the condom on your erect penis and turn the rim upwards.
  • The condom will open and fit your penis.
  • And now you are ready for vaginal sex.

How to Wear a Condom (Watch Video):

Hope this video provides the visual aid you need to understand the process of wearing a condom. It is very important to know the complete information about using condoms. Check for these things before using a condom:

  • Is it expired?
  • Have you correctly opened the condom?
  • The condom should not be used again.
  • Remove condom after intercourse.

Immediately after ejaculation, say in 1-2 minutes you should remove the condom or else it can come out of the penis and get stuck in the vagina of the female partner and your sperms can also fall into it. To remove the condom, you have to hold the rim of the condom with your hand and slowly rise above your partner or if you are in any other position then slowly back away. It is also possible that you are in such a position that your hand cannot reach the condom easily, in this case, your partner should grab the rim of the condom and then you should slowly back away.

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