My Husband Wants Me to Have Sex with his Best Friend, What Should I Do?
Sexual fetish (Photo Credits: Noun Project/Gan Khoon Lay)

The complexities of this situation are many. And honestly speaking, it is unfathomable too. What do you do when your husband or your boyfriend asks you to sleep with one of his best friends? Well, to begin with, it could be his sexual fantasy. This may not necessarily mean that he loves you any less because he wants to share you in bed with someone else. But it could also mean that he’s hinting at having sex with someone else too. Having Sex with Condoms Don't Guarantee Protection You from All Types of STIs; Here's What You Need to Know.

Relationships often come to a standstill after a point when you’ve had enough sex and tried almost every position you can. So, what after that? How do you add more excitement and make the experience thrilling? The answer could differ from person to person and some of them might just want to opt for what this Quora user’s husband opted for.

Today’s query is about a woman who was asked to have sex with her husband’s friend and she’s quite confused about what he means. Why would he want her to sleep with someone else? Does that mean he’s no more interested in her? Does it mean he wants to have a threesome? Well, only he can have these questions answered. However, looking at the broader perspective, swinging partners isn’t a taboo anymore. It’s become a common thing to practice among couples who are open to it. Yes, there are ethics and morals that do come into the picture because not everyone is okay with having sex with multiple people or rather approving for their partner to do the same. Sex Query of the Week: My Small Penis Is Making Me Insecure; Will I Be Able to Satisfy My Wife Sexually?

If your partner wants you to have sex with his friend, it is likely that he wants to fulfil his sexual fantasy to see you have sex with someone else. That could be a point of major sexual arousal for him. Like we mentioned before, he may also be intending to sleep with one of your friends which is why he suggested this for you, in the first place. While we can only speculate what he means by giving you this option, only you can decipher what he means by directly asking him.

It is totally an individual choice to decide whether you want to go ahead with it or no, weighing the pros and cons of it. As long as you’re comfortable, there’s no stopping you. However, if the whole idea of it is rather unsettling, we suggest you have a serious talk with your partner.