Have you ever been turned on by the sex scenes in movies? You’d be lying if you said no. The idea of your hot, writhing, sexy bodies rubbing against each other can be quite an arousing thought and why not? But, do you know that it takes quite some time for you to get there especially when you’re a beginner? If you are a virgin aka haven’t had sex ever, the first time isn’t what it’s shown in the movies or even porn. Not that we need to scare you but it’s usually a lot more uncomfortable, awkward and embarrassing. First time sex is drastically different, if not embarrassing, so to say!

A user on Quora asked fellow users to describe their first sex story and the answers are surely going to leave you gobsmacked! Like we said, it isn’t even close to what they show in the movies. Time for some reality check maybe? Check out how people described their first sex experience.

He kissed my vagina, as I trembled with a tingling sensation. He put his tongue inside my vagina. I moaned for the first time that day. before that, I had only heard people moaning in pron videos. My boyfriend was licking the vagina very gently and I was surrendered to the act. I was moaning loudly. I was wet. He then, entered me gently. He put his penis into my vagina and pressed gently. I cried with pain now. He went in, very slowly. And when he took his penis out after the first stroke, I saw a thin layer of blood on it. I realised, my hymen had been broken. I was no longer a virgin. It as swift thereafter.

My first sex with a guy was quite disappointing. Unfortunately, there's nothing beautiful to share. He went too early. And I missed all the fun. He tried to do twice after that unfortunately for me results weren't different. My second time with him was lot better but was still very average. Third time was okay. I have never had great sex unfortunately. I have to be satisfied with ‘Okay’

Then he tried to insert penis into my hole which was very tight. He tried and failed. Then we use vasline in penis and my hole. Which gave a lubrication and helped to enter into me. He started back and froth which was like heaven. Nothing in this world is better than that sex. Yes it was a bit painful but sweet. He was removing his penis again and again because of the fear of ejaculation. I asked at the 10th time. Why are you doing this?? Every time you are entering it is giving me pain. He said I don't want ejaculation inside you. Then after half an hour he said. I think my ejaculation is very late or I can't cum easily because of masterbation habit. We had a lot of sex that day. But after every break pain in my vagina was more. It was burning while going to pee. Next day pain was even worse. I was pretending to walk normally.

So, what makes sex such a smooth-sailing ride for everyone else? There are two things that come into the picture here. The first one being experience – If you’ve had a lot of experience or at least some experience in having sex, you’d know where to begin, how to go about it and how to climax. The second one being – the chemistry. This one’s so important. It’s crucial for you to have the sexual tension going on between you two for the sex to be racy, sexy and satisfying. Don’t forget that the more the chemistry, the more the tension, the better and hotter the sex!

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