Donating money and food to help people survive during the pandemic has helped Sant Sahil Maharaj Ji garner tremendous respect from around the nation. 

Currently, the COVID pandemic is one of the biggest challenges that mankind has ever faced. The virus, which originated in 2019, still is prevalent, taking up newer forms and mutations. The pandemic forced countries all over the world to go in a partial or complete lockdown. India, too, had to go under a strict lockdown to break the chain of the deadly virus, and this has changed the lives of people for a distant time. But the lockdown has taken its toll on people, both physically and mentally. It has drained our mental wellbeing and also made us physically slower. In such grim times, it is important to take care of each other, help one another, and fight the pandemic together. With humungous positivity and a desire to work for the betterment of people, Bal Sant Shri Sahil Maharaj Ji has garnered tremendous love and support from all over the country.

Bal Sant Shri Sahil Maharaj Ji believes that due to the pandemic, people's emotions have gone for a toss, and there is a high chance of people developing psychological stress and disorders like boredom, anger, insomnia, anxiety, depression, etc. So, in these trying times, it is important to stick together and help each other in any way possible. He has donated a huge sum to the PM CARES FUND to help individuals in need. Sahil Ji Maharaj donated 51,000 and also provided cooked food to hundreds. He believes that whatever he can do for his nation at a time like this, he will do it; he feels it's his responsibility. 

He was inspired by the impeccable response of India's PM Shri Narendra Modi Ji, given the pandemic. He has pledged his support to PM's policies and urged his followers to contribute as per their will.

The auspicious event in Jammu & Kashmir, where Sahil Ji Maharaj donated the amount, was attended by many dignitaries like Former State President BJP and Ex-MLA Sat Sharma, District President Munish Khajuria, District Vice President Jaideep Sambyal, Mandal President Keshav Chopra. Jatinder Singh, BD Sharma, Ashok Singh Wazir, and Vinod Wazir were also the other big names who marked their presence. Sahil Ji Maharaj gave the amount through cheque, handing it over to the Jammu West unit. 

Bal Sant Shri Sahil Maharaj Ji's compassion and dedication to working for a cause have incredibly helped the nation. His pleas of standing up for one another has increased his following and his generous nature has garnered him love from all over the nation.