As people age their appearance changes and some people don’t mind growing older, but many others opt to retain their youthful look. Often they try to find answers from various sources by buying products or going through with invasive surgery. However, with innovative pointillism and the creative mind of Benaiah Poindexter, people can confide in a new solution for looking younger with Scalp Micropigmentation treatments from Scalp Prodigy.

Scalp Prodigy is a premier cosmetic tattoo brand that specializes in Scalp Micropigmentation. Soft Scalp Micropigmentation is the only safe alternative to hair transplant surgery. It is a non-invasive treatment for people suffering from genetic hair loss or alopecia. The process implants coal-based organic ink into the first dermal layer of the skin. As each impression is layered onto itself it creates a five o’clock shadow on the skin. Due to its non-surgical nature Scalp Micropigmentation has become a wildly popular long-term solution for people dealing with hair loss. 

“What we do is amplify confidence by scaling back the hands of time. We can recreate hairlines for males, or create density for females at the hairline, part line, or the crown. We affect micro changes by touching lives everyday for the better,” explained Benaiah. 

Scalp Prodigy grew quickly, earning the highest ratings in Las Vegas not only for its services, but also for the maintenance of the studios. Each workstation has Molekule air filters, which help kill SARS molecules and create a safe environment for clients. Scale Prodigy is renowned for its excellent service and education for client post-care. Additionally, the team behind the brand puts extra care into its customers by ensuring they truly feel immersed in the experience of confidence. All clients are educated before they book a session on what to expect before and after the service.

“We strive for excellence,” said founder Benaiah. “Our environment is peaceful and welcoming. We go out of our way to excel beyond expectations.”

Benaiah Poindexter is the brilliant mind and founder of Scalp Prodigy. After completing her Masters degree in Business of Administration from the University of Maryland University College, she launched her first studio in Las Vegas. When she acquired her aesthetics and tattooing licensing, her dream of combining beautifully designed spaces with top-tier workmanship finally came to fruition. The business thrived immediately, prompting her to open a second and third location in Silver Spring, MD and Los Gatos, CA. With a strong love for artistry and life-changing testimonies, Benaiah grew her team and business by leaps and bounds. 

Since the inception of Scalp Prodigy, Benaiah and her team have completed over 2,000 treatments successfully. Always striving to offer top-tier service to all patrons, she has accumulated 5-star recommendations consistently. In 2021, Benaiah Poindexter will become the first African-American to generate a million in sales from the Scalp Micropigmentation industry, which is primarily a male-dominated industry. Her motivation to succeed always came from her desire to take care of her family.

“I never again wanted to be homeless and living on the streets like I was as a child,” Benaiah explained, “The only way to ensure a successful future was to take full control of my life and reek of excellence.”

While Scalp Prodigy has reached great strides, Benaiah Poindexter is eager to grow her brand as she foresees the brand opening an additional five locations. “We will grow to $5 million a year and expand into digital products to reach more people through post-secondary education at all of our facilities.”