After finding his way through challenges and hardships early on in life, there’s no doubt that Michael Candelario has the entrepreneurial gene deep within him. Rooted in education and his passion for creating opportunities for others, the serial entrepreneur strives to use his knowledge and expertise in building a legacy not only for himself but also for others.

Michael Candelario was born in Phoenix, Arizona. He is motivated by the prospects of solving business problems, building teams, and creating systematic and sustainable practices that will help his clients and business partners in the long run. With his vast experience in formulating corporate strategies and building systems, Michael seeks to leave an impact and leverage his skills to progress in both his personal and business lives. 

Michael Candelario is the founder and CEO of MAC Property Solutions, Nother Mother, and Original Goods. The first among his three companies came into fruition while he was still attending the University of Wisconsin School of Business, where he studied Real Estate Urban Land and Economics. Michael juggled school with his entrepreneurial ventures, and it has been challenging doing so from the very beginning. Still, he successfully built MAC Property Solutions from the ground up and eventually added Nother Mother and Original Goods to his businesses.

“Challenges have always excited me, and problem-solving has been a hobby,” shared Michael Candelario. “I flourished and knew that I had found my passion, and each day, I strive to reach my full potential of excelling in what I do best, creating and running businesses while expanding my already large array of skill sets,” he added. 

MAC Property Solutions is a real estate company focused on providing homeowners with property solutions suited for their needs for over thirteen years. Michael Candelario is also recognized in the real estate industry for flipping and fixing distressed properties and turning them into market-worthy homes. Home to some of the most seasoned professionals in the scene, MAC handles everything their clients need, from lead generation, acquisition to exit strategies. MAC is a trusted and well-established name, a reputation built on customer satisfaction, efficiency, and reliability. 

On the other hand, Nother mother is reshaping the way people take their supplements and multivitamins. The company is known for manufacturing organic gummy bear products infused with nutritional values, providing a fun way for both children and adults who need an extra immunity boost, sleep supporters, and more. Nother Mother prides itself on its unique manufacturing process. The company seeks the help of a hand-picked panel of experts to provide customers with nothing but the best in flavor, nutritional value, and overall health benefits. 

“Five years ago, I wanted to be where I am today,” shared Michael Candelario. “So within five years from now, I want to set up realistic goals for my personal life and also for my companies. I am passionate about what I do in my professional life and will keep the same fire alive as I seek to grow,” the entrepreneur said further.

Asked what he wants to share with other aspiring entrepreneurs, Michael Candelario shared that he wants them to understand that everyone possesses the ability to achieve greatness. One only needs enough self-belief, an undeniable drive, and the courage to make sacrifices to grow outside of one’s comfort zone.