The Covid-19 pandemic has upended the globe and still has countries around the world reeling. The way we live, shop, and spend time with friends and loved ones has been altered beyond many people’s wildest imaginations. No one may have been impacted more by this life-altering situation than small business owners.

In challenging times, the world calls for leaders to stand up and help.  Red Fang Media has been blessed to be able to help small business owners as our old way of life continues to fade further and further away in the rear-view mirror.

Based in the Tampa Bay area, Red Fang Media has come forward to provide a $2,000 promotional stimulus package to qualified local businesses.

Tens of thousands of local businesses have been impacted by the covid-19 pandemic over last year. Red Fang Media is poised to contribute $250,000 in digital marketing services to local businesses to help them reach larger audiences and fight the continuing tailwinds of this pandemic.

“Local businesses are truly the backbone of our economy and the long-standing ideal of the American way of life.  It’s small business owners that employ the greatest share of people throughout the United States,” stated John Singleton, Red Fang Media’s founder. We got into business to help other local businesses succeed in an ever rapidly changing digital environment.  Now, with the last year of damage that has taken place to local businesses everywhere, we just want to try and help salvage as many people’s hopes and dreams as possible.  Our goal is to support businesses who are still trying to find their footing in the wake of last year’s crisis. The stimulus program's increased online visibility may provide the extra revenue they need to keep their lights on, employees working, and families fed.”

Red Fang Media is a Tampa-based digital marketing firm that has served clients across the country from South Florida to New York. 

The advertising stimulus package offers businesses who qualify, $2,000 in one-time financial aid to cover marketing costs which will help the exponentially grow their local exposure.

Businesses that qualify will gain new customers through increased local awareness from online consumers. This type of exposure massively helps businesses achieve more phone calls, website visits, foot traffic and requests for directions, which in turn will result in more new customers and bottom-line growth.