Top 10 Copycat Designers Highlighted by Diet Sabya on Instagram
Diet Sabya is on a roll (Photo Credit: Instagram)

First of all, a BIG shoutout to Diet Sabya for actually having the courage to come out in open and slam fake copies! Ever since Karan Johar mentioned Diet Sabya in one of his interviews recently, it has become a rage on the internet! Diet Sabya posts are spreading on the internet like fire EXPOSING the secrets of top-class Bollywood fashion designers who have been blatantly copying designers worldwide.

That is such a shame and we are not gonna go on bashing these designers because we think Diet Sabya has done it for us already. But yeah, we sure would like to highlight top 10 copies reported by Sabya on its (no his or her since we don't know who is behind this awesomeness) Instagram page. Check'em out!

This is the first thing that comes to our mind because it happened so recently and in fact, a lot of people called out L'Oreal for this!

Here's another #gandi copy reported by Diet Sabya!

Hmm.. we wonder what The Label Life has to say to this

Here's another one

Eew! So tacky!

Honestly speaking, we never expected a Manish Malhotra design to feature here

Here's another one

Who's the culprit here?

Your thoughts on this, Shaleena Nathani?

That's a little too inspired!

Still clueless about Diet Sabya actually is? Well, so are we. But we must say, we are huge fans here! Anyway, which one among these designers did you not expect to feature on Diet Sabya's Instagram? Tell us in the comments below. Oh and in case you still don't follow Diet Sabya on Instagram, here's the link!