No More Eating Naked! First Nudist Restaurant From Paris to Close its Doors in February
Nudist restaurant in Paris to close doors (Photo Credits: Facebook/O’naturel)

The owners of the first nudist restaurant in Paris have announced its closing soon. O’naturel is not getting as much response of people who would desire to watch naked strangers having food. The owners overestimated consumers demand to experience the nudist way of life. The cafe will zip up or close its doors in February. The cafe opened in November last year and hasn't been seeing as much as customers as it expected. Nudist Museum Opens Doors in Paris! Just 161 Lucky Naturists Got to Participate.

Mike and Stephane Saada took the opportunity to start this cafe since Paris is known as a global tourist destination for nudists. Nudist beaches, resort sites for vacationers aren't unheard of. So why not extend it to eating in the buff? They decided to take the lifestyle in the food arena but unfortunately, the decision wasn't favourable. "We will only remember the good times, meeting beautiful people and customers who were delighted to share exceptional moments," the restaurateurs said in a report. They aren't nudist themselves but they opened this as a concept for those who want to try the nudist way of living. Nudist Couple Posts Racy Naked but Not XXX Photos to Promote Naturism! See Photos That Explain More About the Unique Lifestyle.

The diners who visited here had to disrobe themselves in the changing room. They were given only a pair of slippers to wear at the dining table. The chairs were covered in black covers for hygiene purposes and they were changed after every use. To maintain the privacy of these diners, white curtains were drawn in to separate from those who were not naked or did not fancy nudity. They also maintained a strict code of conduct for their visitors. "We might reject someone or explain to him that if he is looking to hook up, he should go somewhere else," mentioned Stephane.

But France despite having so many following the nudist culture, did not have a good response in the longer run. The customer base wasn't fancied by shedding their clothes while eating perhaps.