Travel Tip of the Week: 5 Rainbow-Coloured Destinations That Every Person Who Loves Colours Should Visit Once
Rainbow mountain, Peru (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Do you love watching rainbows? Well, that would seem like a stupid question because everyone feels delighted to see a rainbow. A little colour pop in the plain sky sure looks amazing. But if you are someone who constantly obsesses over colours and love clicking pictures of such places then you should definitely pay a visit to rainbow-coloured destinations. There are some spots around the world which are naturally blessed with colours of the rainbow and they are simply stunning. There are other places which are adorned with colours to make them visually appealing. In this week's travel tip we tell you about such beautiful rainbow-coloured places in the world. Travel Tip of The Week: 15 Simple Hacks To Make Sure You Travel Like a Pro!

Rainbow River, Columbia

Just looking at flowing water is mesmerising for some, imagine staring into stunning colourful waters. The Caño Cristales River in Columbia has moss, aquatic flora and corals which give the waters a rainbow coloured look. There are hues of red, yellow and pink with slight blues of the water which forms a stunning melange underneath the flowing water. The best time to visit here is from July to December to see the beautiful natural wonder.

Rainbow Mountain, Peru


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Vinicunca, aka Rainbow Mountain in the Cusco Region of Peru is a mountain range that has distinctly different colour layers. The mountain has 7 different colours from various minerals in the rock and is one of the most spectacular landscapes around the world. After Machu Picchu it is the second most visited attraction in Peru.

Colourful Antelope Canyon, Arizona


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The Antelope Canyon in Arizona displays such wonderful colours and depending from time to time, the looks change. From a nice saturated glow in the morning to subtle hues by evening, this place displays colours of a rainbow. It is definitely a photographer's delight. The heart-shape in the Upper Antelope Canyon is one of the famed spots here.

Rainbow Street Bo-Kaap, South Africa

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A row of brightly coloured houses, Bo-Kaap is one of the oldest residential areas in Cape Town, South Africa. It is known for its cobbled streets and pop of colour all over. The South African Minister of Arts and Culture has declared 19 sites in the Bo-Kaap area as National Heritage Sites.

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

Around the turquoise waters of this pristine lake and a backdrop of beautiful mountains are grasslands of flowering plants lupins. So with these lavender colour blooms, blue waters in the background and white snow-capped mountains, the mix of colours is like a paradise.

These are some of the destinations which are so blessed with colours, natural or man-made. But if you love an amalgamation of colours with the beauty of nature, these places deserve your visit. They will true sense add colours to your memories of travel.