Zahra Lyla is the social media starlet; you NEED to add to your follow list in 2021. When it comes to all things fashion and lifestyle across the Gulf, Zahra has been a mainstay for many years, after finding success with her first blog in 2009.

In 2009, Zahra felt like she needed an outlet to express her newly acquired love for fashion, beauty and style and voila, Just Lyla {previously Lyla Loves Fashion} was born. It is a journal of sorts that chronicles her experiences in the fashion industry in the Middle East and eventually the UK.

Zahra had a very successful time in London; it was here where she obtained a Post Graduate certificate in Fashion Communication & Design from Central Saint Martin’s and a Master’s degree in Media Production from London College of Fashion (LCF). In addition, she was able to gain coveted internships at Harper’s Bazaar and The Sunday Times Style magazine.

Since then she has created opportunities for herself to work with the likes of Harper’s Bazaar UK, The Sunday Times Style and assisting top stylists such as Mel Ottenberg, photographers Sean and Seng and model Joan Smalls. And in 2016, Zahra was given a life-changing opportunity to help with the roll-out of Vogue Arabia, the Holy Grail for all those in the fashion world.

One can always wonder how industry experts, such as Zahra, source their inspiration. Below, she highlights a couple of ways she ensures she keeps her fingers on the fashion pulse:-

  •         Vogue Arabia –“I might be a little biased as I was part of the launch team but Vogue Arabia is one of the best sources of fashion information and inspiration in the Middle East”. They cater to the 22 different middle eastern countries which is a fete on its own and following their progress ensures Zahra is keeping tabs on all of the latest trends across the region
  • - When it comes to celebrating Middle Eastern culture and fashion, Mille is Zahra’s favourite website. They always feature the home-grown brands, models, and creatives that are more on the edgier side and less mainstream which is refreshing and gives Zahra a greater scope of the fashion industry. On Mille, readers can really get a grasp on all elements that drive and shape the region.
  •         Friends, Family & Social Media – “I also like to keep myself up to date with what's happening around me whether that's looking to my own personal group of friends and family or scrolling social media like Instagram and tiktok for fashion inspiration.” It is easy to overlook these methods of sourcing inspiration, do not be afraid to ask people you know where they shop for their looks