#10YearChallenge is Trending on Social Media: Funny Memes and Jokes Show How World Has Changed in a Decade
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The social media is gripped with documenting the change in personalities with the latest #10YearChallenge. Visiting back to the old pictures is always a delight and brings back fond memories. So people are enthusiastically sharing their picture collages on social media comparing 2009 with 2019. But every trend that emerges on social media has a bunch of people, ready with jokes and memes being made on it. While some are happily indulging in sharing their own pictures, some have found hilarity of the situations that have remained constant over the decade. Some jokes and memes are being shared online about this challenge and we too could not help but make a few of our own. #10YearChallenge Takes Over Social Media; Flipkart Shares Before And After Images, Zomato Does It Differently (View Pics).

What or who exactly started the #10YearChallenge is still unclear but it has gripped everyone on social media and how. The trend has emerged in just about a day. Celebrities too are sharing their decade-old pictures. But while we all go through and merge our old pictures with current one, let us look at some jokes that are also shared about the social media challenge.

MDH Uncle is Eternal

But Bunty Grew Up!

Metro Construction Does Seem Like Ages

Broke Since Years


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This one hurts!

Truth be told!

We too couldn't resist from being a part and contributing to the #10YearChallenge jokes and memes.

Who Types now?

10 Year Challenge (Photo Credits: File Image)

Ye Rishta Ab Tak Kuch Kehlata Hai!

Yeh Rishta Kuch Kehlata Hai (Photo Credits: File Image)

Music Streaming Has Changed 

The 10 year challenge (Photo Credits: File Image)

Can You Recognise Vivek Oberoi? 

The 10 year challenge (Photo Credits: File Image)

On Field Anger to In House Anger

10 year social media challenge (Photo Credits: File Image)

But Some Gifts Don't Change At All!

10 Year Challenge meme (Photo Credits: File Image)

Well, while the world has changed in a decade for some, for others there's not much of a difference in life. So staying broke should be a well-accepted trait by now, shouldn't it? From pressing buttons to swipe and type, from clicking to scrolling, we have sure changed with the advent of technology. Songs in the playlist may be the same but mode of listening differs, language has modified into slangs and with the coming years, there will only be more changes. As you scroll through this article, don't forget to share these funny memes and jokes with your friends.