20 Hyenas Attack A Lion! You Won’t Believe What the King of the Jungle Does Next (Watch Video)
20 Hyenas Attack One Lion. (Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot/ BBC)

Soon after the trailer of Lion King launched another video of a lion has surfaced that proves that the lion is the mightiest in the Jungle and is called the king for all the right reasons. This video clip was released last week and has already garnered millions of views already. The video shows a lion fighting 20 hyenas at the same time! It shows how real life is a lot tougher even for lions- the king of the jungle. You may also like, Video of Orangutan Smoking Cigarette in Indonesian Zoo Goes Viral, Sparks Debate on Animal Protection. 

From the BBC series Dynasties, this footage is all over social media for the most unexpected climax. The footage narrated by Sir David Attenborough, shows a male lion, red who is shown facing a pack of 20 hyenas at once who surround him. A pack of 20 hyenas have more chances of overpowering the lion, and the video shows Red trying to keep them off and protect himself from the laughing hyenas all around him. Just when we think that the lion will probably give up is exactly when he beats the whole pack.

Take a look at the viral video-

The video gained a lot of views in no time and also made its way to the best Attenborough-narrated videos of all time. The video also garnered a lot of comments amazing comments. '1 against 20 still didn't work,' said one of the viewers. Many also thanked BBC for listening to their viewers. One said, 'Wow BBC thank you so much that u guys actually pay attention to what the fans ask for and uploaded the full clip! awesome work guys I love you guys a lot!  Lion King' What do you think? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below.