The city of Mumbai is experiencing a heavy downpour of monsoon rains in the last two days. While there have been cases of waterlogging, train delays and accidents due to the heavy downpour in the past one month, there is one thing that Mumbaikars can never forget in their monsoon memories is the floods of year 2005. On 26th July 2005, the maximum city of Mumbai was severely crippled in the rain waters. Parts of the city were submerged in accumulated waters for not a few hours but an entire day or two. There was no electricity, no network and everything literally came to a standstill. Today the incident completes 14 years and as the city once again faces a heavy downpour, people on social media are reminded of the severity of these floods. Mumbai Rains Live News Updates, Traffic And Local Train Status For Today, July 26, 2019: Heavy Rains Continue to Lash Mumbai, Water-Logging Reported At Some Places.

In 2005, over a thousand people lost their lives. Many others were stranded, forced to wade back home through flooded waters. The eighth heaviest-ever recorded 24-hour rainfall figure of 944 mm lashed the city very badly. Mumbai has faced extreme monsoon situations but 26 July 2005 was a bad memory for everyone. 14 years later, people take to Twitter to discuss the possibility of a similar situation arising today, as heavy rains continue since this afternoon.

Check Tweets of People Discussing 26 July Rainfall in Mumbai:

Rains return with force

Stay safe Mumbaikars

Discussing the tough times back then

Reminding of the date!

Some also remembered the spirit of the city how some braved the rains in 2005 and others helped out those in need of help. People opened their doors to shelter the stranded ones, while others stepped out to provide food and water to those in need. It is indeed a painful memory for every citizen of the city who braced the heavy downpour. And as once again heavy rains keep the date of July 26 with the city, people cannot help but relive the memories. Stay safe, Mumbaikars!

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