Aliens Watching Over 2018 FIFA WC Matches in Russia? Know The Truth About the Bizarre Looking 'UFO'
The speculated UFO was actually a satellite (Photo credits: Twitter/_dpaj)

The FIFA World Cup 2018 matches are interesting no doubts and while the fans sit in frenzy cheering for their favourite teams, the extraterrestrials too, seem to be excited. Or that is what the social media is discussing. A giant UFO shaping into somewhat like a stingray fish was spotted over a venue of FIFA match in Russia. A woman shared the video of the spectacle over the Nizhny Novgorod stadium, "What the hell is that?" she wrote. The sight is indeed bizarre, which looks like a rocket trail which then shapes into a something wide over the city sky.

The spectacle was too noticeable to be ignored, so many users shared pictures and videos expressing that aliens too are watching FIFA matches. Nizhny Novgorod stadium will have England vs Panama game on June 24. While the spectators decided upon the alien too being an audience for the football matches, the Russian space authorities confirmed the incredible show put up in the sky. It was a Soyuz-2.1.B rocket being launched from the Plesetsk cosmodrome in Russia's Arkhangelsk region. This rocket was fired to deliver one of the satellites into the orbit of the universe. It was fired with a Glonass-M satellite at 12.46am Moscow time on Sunday June 17. The officials also confirmed its safe delivery into the orbit. Glonass is Russia’s own global satellite navigation system.

But till the time the confirmation came in, the people on social media were pretty kicked about the aliens. "The aliens have arrived for the World Cup," said one. "I’ve seen alien life and it looks like a stingray," said another. The excitement must have died down on knowing the truth!