Brie Larson Has the Cutest Reaction to a Gay Couple Getting Engaged at Her Meet and Greet and Twitter Is Loving It! (View Pics)
Brie Larson's reaction to a proposal (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Brie Larson has been posting pictures of her meet and greet with her fans. The pictures are too cute to handle but the one that takes the throne is the one where Brie is witnessing a proposal on her meet and greet and her reaction to the proposal is making Twitter melt. A man proposed to his boyfriend in the pictures and Brie Larson’s face was more shocked than the couple. It’s funny and cute and we can’t stop looking at them! The tweet with a series of the proposal and the actress’ reaction is making her followers want her when they get proposed! Those pictures might be the cutest thing ever and Twitter won’t deny. Brie Larson Birthday Special: 5 Times the Avengers Endgame Star Made Us Marvel at Her Fashion Choices .

Fans have been enjoying Brie Larson’s meet and greet, whether they’re attending it or not. She’s been posting pictures of her event and we truly get to see her fun and goofy side. She recently quote tweeted a tweet with pictures of a gay couple getting engaged in front of the camera at her meet and greet. The Captain Marvel star says the incident “changed” her and we can see! Her fans have been going crazy over the tweet and replying with lovely messages and memes. Brie Larson Birthday Special: 7 Memorable Movies You Nearly Forgot the Avengers EndGame Actress Starred In Before Her Oscar-Winning Turn and Her Marvel Innings.

Brie Larson's Tweet

How Cute!


Mine, Too!

Look at Her!

Morning, Queen

All of Us


All of That!

People have also been posting their meet and greet pictures with Brie Larson. Each picture is equally heart-warming and they make us want to get a ticket for her next meet and greet. The meet and greet event is definitely helping the actress and her image after the whole Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame hate train that refused to stop. People got annoyed at the actress for the tiniest thing and now it looks like she’s finally changed everyone’s views and we’re here for all the love and positivity!