Bryce Dallas Howard Fainted While Filming a Stunt Scene in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (Watch Video)
Bryce Dallas Howard (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

American actress Bryce Dallas Howard who was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon said how she fainted on the sets of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom in a bid to make a scene look real. She was filming a sequence where a gyrosphere fell off of a cliff when Howard passed out. Director JA Bayona who wanted Howard's reaction to being real had built a rollercoaster so they could feel zero gravity. Cliff diving in a gyrosphere does not look like an easy task Howard surely had her share of terrifying moments.

Talking on the show, Howard said, "JA Bayona decided to have a rollercoaster built. So, we could experience zero gravity – so we could fall faster. I was so scared. Justice Smith actually just reminded me of this a couple of days ago. Normally with stunts, with each take you get more and more confident. With each take, my panic increased substantially. And by the fifth or sixth take, you know there's so much fear, and I just blacked out. Then it stopped and I came to. It was crazy, I passed out."

Watch the video here:

Howard admitted that she is not an adventurous person at heart and the stunt terrified her to the core. The movie directed by J.A. Bayona released in India on June 7. Chris Pratt Howard has reprised their roles from 'Jurassic World' as Owen and Claire, respectively in the movie. Actor Jeff Goldblum is also back as Dr Ian Malcolm.

The recent edition of Jurassic World is set three years ahead of the previous movies where dinosaurs destroyed the theme park and resort. In the latest movie, island Isla Nublar is abandoned by humans and is inhabited by dinosaurs.