Burglar Gets Caught in CCTV Camera Dancing After Theft, Watch Video
Burglar caught dancing on camera (Photo credits: Video screenshot)

Security cameras are very important in cases of any wrongdoings in public places or even around private properties. The camera footage plays a vital role in catching hold of the criminals. Although one footage of a burglar in Fresno, California caught him dancing, doing more of a victory jig post conducting the crime.

David Seale, 43 stole an expensive laptop from a building. A tenant even filed a report of stolen laptop to the police. Although the police did not find any signs of break-in, the security camera footage of a suspicious person leaving the commercial building. But this person not just leave the building, he kept his bag aside and did some dance moves. He then passed through the door, carried a laptop bag and danced a little more. The burglar was probably too happy celebrating his theft, only his happiness did not last long.

Check out the video footage of the burglar dancing:

The suspect David Seale, was found wandering about with the bags at a short distance. He had copies of several keys, one of which he used to open the building door. He also had the key to the victim's office, from where he stole the laptop. Seale already had several arrest warrants against him. He was caught by the police and charged with felony burglary, possession of stolen property and providing a false identity to an officer. Cops had to go through three days of the footage to find the evidence against him. It is however, not known how exactly did he manage to get the copies of those keys.