Climate activists storming important events has become quite a common phenomenon these days, BUT the most recent one turned into a laughing stock on social media. According to numerous footage shared on Twitter, environmental activists disrupted Sweden's dancing competition programme on Friday, with one being taken down by a camera crane before they were all ejected from the studio. Climate Activists Pour Diluted Charcoal Into Rome's Trevi Fountain To Protest Against Fossil Fuels, Video Goes Viral. 

The unfortunate occurrence took place while Olympic skier Charlotte Kalla and her professional dance partner Tivuas Jarkssib were performing the fast-paced Latin ballroom dance known as the Paso Doble. With powder paint and a banner that read "Restore Wetlands," the climate activists from the Repair Wetlands protest group launched themselves onto the stage.

A camera crane leapt into action and struck an activist who was waving a banner for the group terställ Vtmarker, which translates as "Restore Wetlands," right away. After one of the activists was knocked over by the camera arm, the other ones were swiftly escorted off the dance floor.

'Dancing with the Stars' finale disrupted, climate activist violently knocked down by a camera (Watch Video):

The two dancers carried on with their routine despite the interruption and finished second in the competition behind YouTuber Hampus Hedström. In an effort to voice their opposition to climate change, activists have been closing down highways and damaging precious works of art. Tina Kronberg Berggren, 30, a campaigner for Extinction Rebellion in the past, was the protester who afterwards sprayed paint on the platform.

Berggren, one of the activists, reportedly said that they wanted "nothing more to have fun" but that the climate crisis was so critical that they had to act in a statement that was translated from Swedish and posted by the group, according to the Daily Mail. “The situation is so urgent and we cannot sit in the audience and just watch when our lives are threatened by climate collapse,” she said.

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