Chickens Gang up And Kill a Fox at a Farm in Brittany, France
Group of chicken (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

In a rare case of prey attacking the predator, a group of chickens have managed to kill a fox! The incident took place at a chicken farm of an agricultural school in Brittany, Northeast France. While it may have thought to be impossible for chickens to kill a fox, the dead fox was discovered by the students in the agricultural school farm. The fox became trapped in the coop and thus became a target for the chickens. Frog Kills Snake At a Village in Karnataka, Watch Shocking Video.

The predator came in at dusk and became trapped inside the chicken coop. The henhouse is controlled by an automatic light control system and shuts down when the sun goes down. The fox thus seems to have got trapped and the chickens decided to gang up against the enemy. The students discovered the fox’s body the next morning when they were doing their regular rounds. Pascal Daniel, the head of farming at the school was quoted to AFP, "There, in the corner, we found this dead fox. There was a herd instinct and they attacked him with their beaks." Rat Fighting Off a Snake In This Video is Shocking Yet Filled With Amazing Life Lessons.

An animal being preyed upon ends up taking its revenge at some point. A similar case was seen in India's West Bengal region when a group of monkeys killed a snake. It so happened that, a python had swallowed a baby monkey. Later, it was found out that the monkeys had killed the python while it was resting.