Frog Kills Snake At a Village in Karnataka, Watch Shocking Video
Frog killed a snake in Karnataka (Photo credits: Video grab)

The sight of snakes is quite terrifying to some. The slithering reptiles are not really impressive for everyone and their sight scares many. To come across a snake in residential areas or within someone's houses is no less than a nightmare. Although not all snakes are venomous they create a fear among the people. Snake attacks are even scarier to watch. But recently people in a Bailhongal village in Karnataka were shocked to see when the predator became the prey. In a video recorded from a gutter in the village of Belagavi, saw a snake being feasted upon by a frog! Rat Fighting Off a Snake In This Video is Shocking Yet Filled With Amazing Life Lessons. 

Snakes are known to commonly feed on frogs but here it was the complete opposite as the frog attacked the snake and killed it. Several onlookers gathered to see this rare sight and it was also captured on video. The video clearly shows the frog holding on its predator with a force. Python Swallowed a Baby Monkey, The Monkeys Later Killed The Snake! View Pic.

Check Video of a Frog Attacking a Snake in Karnataka

The incident took place near a temple in the village. In an open gutter nearby the snake and frog were fighting for quite some time and the frog was victorious in holding on the snake for nearly half an hour. The snake could not do anything and about half an hour it was dead. Several people gathered to see this rare fight and some managed to get a video of the same. Snakes are known to gulp down their preys and relax for the next few days, but here the frog proved victorious.