Rat Fighting Off a Snake In This Video is Shocking Yet Filled With Amazing Life Lessons
Rat fighting off the snake in the video (Photo credits: Video grab)

Rats are a common prey of snakes. Several times farmers let non-venomous snakes in their fields to control the rats from damaging the crops. With such a prey and predator equation between the two, it would be quiet rare to see a rat fight back. But such a rare incident has been caught on camera in China, wherein a rat fought back the snake, or rather attacked it. The intense video was shared on social media, needless to say, grappling all the attention. The video gives a subtle inspiration of never underestimate yourself, and you can fight off your enemy. Cobra Swallows Onions and Vomits it Out, Bizarre Incident in Odisha Caught on Video!

The scene is quite intriguing and you almost want to know what happens to the snake. The rat is seen jumping over the slithering reptile and manages to drag it into the bushes. The snake is trying hard to resist and fight back but cannot escape the rat. The rat is seen biting the snake, who is trying hard, but fails.

Watch the video of rat fighting the snake:

Isn't it amazing the way the rat manages to defeat its most common predator? It is still unclear as to why the snake was not able to fight back. Maybe the snake was weak and the rat happened to take advantage of it. Nevertheless, the fight is gripping. The video has been viewed more than 40,000 times. We have seen videos of snakes gulping down humans it is interesting to see a rat taking charge and taking away its predator. What do you think about this video?